Emmerdale’s Anna Nightingale explains the meaning behind the baby Ava’s “Old Hollywood” name.

Talking in just a few weeks after giving birth to my second daughter and ex-daughter Emmerdale Actress Anna Nightingale is in the baby’s foam and loves it.

she Introduced her new family exclusively to OK! In a gorgeous photo shoot with her fiancé Darren Dixon and her 4-year-old daughter Aki.

Anna not only wrote down the history of her birth, but also told her how she came to decide on an appropriate name for the new Tot. It feels very festive.

Anna gave birth at King’s College Hospital in South London at 10:42 am on December 1st. Timing is a clue to the name, as the couple called their second child Avanoel.

Beautiful new family of four

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The couple say they couldn’t decide on a name right away. Anna explains: “In fact, we postponed naming her. We had an idea, but first wanted to know more about her. But she looks like Ava. increase.”

Darren adds: “I wanted an old-fashioned global name, but it wasn’t ultra-modern. There are two esteemed producers and directors, like Ava DuVernay who inspired us. . “

“It also reminds me of old Hollywood,” Anna continues. “It has that keynote of the old charm about it.”

Her character at ITV Soap Emmerdale reached a dramatic end in October

And when it comes to newborn middle names, Anna explains:

“At that time, you start to feel like Christmas, and hopefully every year it will be the beginning of that festive mood.”

But there was almost a twist in this story. With one daughter called Autumn, Dad Darren had an idea for their second child.

He says: “I tried to call her winter.”

However, Anna immediately shot it down and replied, “I was like’I can’t have autumn and winter!'”.

Anna is relaxing on maternity leave after leaving Emmerdale. There she played the energetic Andrea Tate. She left her in a dramatic scene as her character was killed during Super Soap Week in October.

Anna talked about how difficult it is to do the final scene in Emmerdale

With her monopoly OK! In an interview, she talks about seeing her last scene because of tears and pregnancy hormones.

She also talks about how she felt brave during her second childbirth and how she takes “great pride” in being her sister in the fall.

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Emmerdale's Anna Nightingale explains the meaning behind the baby Ava's "Old Hollywood" name.

Source link Emmerdale's Anna Nightingale explains the meaning behind the baby Ava's "Old Hollywood" name.

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