Emma Thompson “lives the best life” while dancing at Adele’s “Audience With”

Emma Thompson Fans were delighted to see her “living her best life” and dancing in the ITV’s An Audience With aisle. Adele..

The A-list actress jumped out of her seat to dance to Adele’s chart-top song in a one-off Sunday night special.

At some point, she began urging other stars in the crowd to do the same, clicking her finger and saying “come”, then heading down the aisle, where the Oscar winner belted. Sometimes I raised my arms and cheered. deep.

The 62-year-old Nanny McPhee’s actress seemed to spend her life relaxing with Adele’s best friends Alan Carr and Idris Elba.

Eagle Eye viewers found her in the crowd and went to Twitter to share her love for the actress’s passion for Adele’s legendary music.

Emma Thompson was found dancing to Adele, “living her best life”

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One viewer tweeted, “# EmmaThompson continues to catch my eye,” with a laughing face emoji.

Another viewer asked, “So when does Emma Thompson sign up for Strictly?”

Emma’s husband, Greg WiseIntroduced in the latest series of Strictly come to dance With Karen Hower, but the duo were eliminated in the third week.

Radio moderator, Nick Grimshaw, Further added: “ITV makes a show about Emma Thompson’s dance #AnAudienceWithAdele.”

Emma Thompson
Emma jumped out of her seat and began to roll and applaud before dancing in the aisle.

When Adele asked Emma a question, she commented: “I saw you dancing all night, you were dancing all night.”

As a simple “sub-question”, Emma asked, “Are you wearing socks under that beautiful flock?”

Megastar admitted that she wore tights that kept rolling in her crotch, and Emma replied, “I thought I couldn’t love you anymore, but now, of course.”

The actress went on to ask. “When you were young, was there anyone who supported you, inspired you, protected you from all the trials and hardships of life, and inspired you to continue?”

Emma Thompson
Adele told A List actress that she found her “dancing all night”

Later, Adele began to talk about the impressions she left in her life after her teacher, Miss McDonald, inspired her with her lifelong love of literature.

She states: “She was so cool and attractive that she really cared for us.

Earlier, Emma revealed the emotional news that a moving teacher was in the audience. Adele suddenly wept when she hugged an old supporter she hadn’t seen since she was 12 years old.

Adele easily catches up with the teacher and picks up the microphone Allen Carr Now that she has fixed her make-up, I’ll give you a brief description of Make You Feel My Love.

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Emma Thompson "lives the best life" while dancing at Adele's "Audience With"

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