Emma Raducanu: John McEnroe supports the controversial Wimbledon comment

John McEnroe Encountered a backlash after his comment on Emma Raducanu When she retired from Wimbledon in July, Americans said she was “very supportive” at the time and praised Briton for her wonderful victory at the US Open.

Raducanu, who made his major debut, retired from the last 16 Wimbledon games due to dyspnea. Meanwhile, McEnroe commented on the BBC match, saying the opportunity seemed “a little too much” for her.

“Obviously, I feel sick with Emma,” McEnroe said at the time. “As you can see, it seems a little too much. Especially, I’ve been talking to Osaka here for the last 6 weeks.

“How much can the player handle? It makes you look at the guys and girls who have been around for a long time-how well they can handle it. Hopefully she from this experience You will learn. “

Three Wimbledon champions said they were disproportionately blown away while McEnroe was accused of commenting.

“I meant exactly what I said,” McEnroe said. CNN.. “I tried to relate a little to my experience when I first went to Wimbledon at the age of 18.

“There are many big benefits, but there are also the pressures you put on yourself and the expectations that others put on you. That means it was as vanilla to me as it came … I was at the time. I thought she was very supportive.

“You know a treatise in England. Sometimes they do a lot to me from nothing.”

18-year-old Raducanu surprised the sports world last weekend She was the first qualifying to win a major title, beating fellow teenager Leylah Fernandez.

McEnroe said he was wondering how to handle the newly discovered fame after his appearance at Wimbledon.

“I don’t think she can do better than she did (at the US Open),” McEnroe added. “It’s insane that she was able to do this.”

McEnroe also said he wanted to see Naomi Osaka return to action shortly after the Japanese took a break from tennis.

“Osaka was very shy and introverted when I first met him. I think she still is,” he said of the four big winners.

“She came out last year and put on a mask and made a big statement at the US Open. That was great.

“Now, suddenly more attention is being paid to her. We need her for another 10 years and I hope she can handle it.”

Emma Raducanu: John McEnroe supports the controversial Wimbledon comment

Source link Emma Raducanu: John McEnroe supports the controversial Wimbledon comment

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