Emily Atack counterattacks a cruel troll that called her “fat” and “disgusting”

Emily Atack He counterattacked a troll who called her “disgusting” on Instagram.

The 31-year-old comedian replied to one of Instagram’s stories and received a message from his followers.

The message says: “Why are you lying to your fans and feeding them pizza and flan when they don’t? I was fat about two years ago, but now I’m on TV. It’s horrifying.”

However, Emily responded wittyly to the troll, simply answering, “I like Fran …”.

This isn’t the first time a former Inbitowinas actress has screamed in a troll. After admitting that she found a troll “upset” a few weeks ago.

Emily Atack shared a witty response to Instagram trolls

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“I don’t think you have a way to deal with it.

“It upsets me, but not long, I’ll talk about something else after 5 minutes,” she said. Sun..

“If someone comments on something on social media that upsets me, tell me about my weight, I go:” It’s upset “and then I just move on. “

The star is immersed in the spirit of Christmas and recently had fans look at her North London Flat festive decorations.

Emily posted a photo to 1.8 million followers of the dog Penny in front of a glittering Christmas tree, writing:

Actress Emily Atack gives her apartment a Christmas makeover
Actress Emily Atack recently made a Christmas makeover in her apartment

Emily Atack's dog Penny helps decorate Christmas
Emily Atack’s dog Penny helped decorate Christmas

It was a few days after Emily shared the mysterious message, “Get away from what is harmful to you,” following the approaching report. Jack Grealish..

The actress and TV star is believed to have made friendships with a 26-year-old soccer player in an on-off relationship with her girlfriend Sasha Atwood.

Emily posted on Instagram and shared the following quote:

The second season of the Emily Atack show was aired on ITV2.

Emily surprised her fans when she saw ITV's Palooza! 2021
Emily made a big break by playing Charlotte at Inbit Weenas

Her big break came from playing Charlotte Hinchcliffe at Inbitwiners, and she’s a staple now. Keith Lemon‘NS Celebrity juice..

As this season I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! It’s going well and fans will recognize her as the runner-up in the 2018 ITV series.

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Emily Atack counterattacks a cruel troll that called her "fat" and "disgusting"

Source link Emily Atack counterattacks a cruel troll that called her "fat" and "disgusting"

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