Emily Andrea urges people to check their breasts every month after Sarah Harding’s tragic death

Emily Andrea urged people to regularly check for lumps, bumps, and changes in her breasts, triggered by Sarah Harding’s tragic death from breast cancer.

Her latest all right! Column, a qualified doctor, Emily also praises the late Girls Aloud star for publicly speaking about her cancer fight and shares her thoughts on the government’s new Botox crackdown.

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Sarah’s tragic death caused an overflow of love for the singer

I still don’t realize that Sarah Harding isn’t with us anymore. She seemed to be a very fun, extroverted and lovely person, and lived a lot of life before her. I’m very sad.

Charities like Cancer Research UK and CoppaFeel encourage women to regularly self-examine their breasts, as people of all ages die of cancer every day! The activities of charities like this are very important.

With the courage to diagnose Sarah, some young women may feel that they have the power to begin examining themselves.

After Jade Goody’s death, the number of women taking smear tests has increased. Many women would have been saved after seeing Jade’s journey.

Sharing your most difficult moments with the world to inspire others requires such courage, and I admire anyone who can do it.

Emily is Sarah's death "Incredibly sad"
Emily said Sarah’s death was “incredibly sad”

You should check your breasts once a month. Ideally, at about the same time each month, your breasts are less likely to swell or soften a few days after your period ends.

Also, changes in hormone levels can affect the feeling of your chest. If you feel any change, feel free to go to your doctor.

It’s shocking that many people under the age of 18 are infected with Botox

There are changes to Botox regulations
There are changes to Botox regulations

Health Minister Nadine Dorries announced that Botox treatment will be banned under the age of 18 after 41,000 cosmetology treatments were given to people under the age of 18 last year. This is a shocking statistic.

Reputable clinics should check details such as age, medical history, and allergies during consultation before deciding whether a cosmetology treatment is appropriate.

Botox requires a personalized prescription, and part of writing a prescription involves recording the person’s age.

Botox can be used to treat medical conditions such as excessive sweating, but it is very rare that Botox is guaranteed for cosmetic reasons by someone in their teens.

I suspect that pressure from television and social media is driving teens towards cosmetology treatments. Regardless of age, it is advisable to check the clinic to make sure the staff are well qualified.

Emily helped launch a new mental health app
Emily helped launch a new mental health app

In other news, as one of the professional mentors, I helped launch a mental health app called MENTOR360. I was very excited to participate because I didn’t talk enough about mental health and felt that there was still some stigma around it.

This app will help you work on specific areas of your life that you want to improve, such as sleep and motivation. It also helps you work towards another goal. There are many resources available for everyone.

MENTOR360 is not a replacement for expert help and you will need to contact if you are struggling, but for those who are thinking of seeking advice, the app will help them reach that decision faster. I hope it helps.

Good decision

Emily supports the latest government move
Emily supports the latest government move

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The government plans to extend the storage period for frozen eggs, sperms and embryos from 10 years to 55 years. I think this is a really good move and will give people more options for giving birth.

There are many reasons why people freeze eggs and sperm. This may be due to future surgery. Or, a woman may not be able to get pregnant for a variety of reasons.

For me, 10 years was a fairly short period. This is especially true if the egg, sperm, or embryo is frozen at a young age. 55 years

This is a big leap. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, as it means that everyone can make choices about family planning, regardless of age.

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Emily Andrea urges people to check their breasts every month after Sarah Harding's tragic death

Source link Emily Andrea urges people to check their breasts every month after Sarah Harding's tragic death

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