Emily Andrea says she “strives to keep things consistent” for the blended family

Emily Andrea I have frankly opened up my life with my husband Peter Andre’s Ex-wife’s child Katie Price.

Dr. Emily, 32, has revealed that she is a “strict” parent, but is trying to “keep things consistent” for her mixed family.

She is the stepmother of a junior (16 years old) and a 14-year-old princess, and her husband Peter (48 years old) shares it with her ex-wife Katie Price.

Emily is also the mother of Amelia (7 years old) and Theordor (5 years old) children.

Emily Andrea frankly opened the door to her mixed family

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Mothers rarely talk about family life or their role as stepmothers, “I tend to leave discipline to Pete and often feel like an older sister. This really works for us.”

In a new interview, NHS doctors revealed that the key to balancing her mixed family is to stabilize things.

Talk to Closer In a magazine about parenting strategies, she explained:

“I try to keep things consistent for them as much as possible.”

Emily shares her two children with her husband Peter

Emily is also the stepmother of the junior and princess

Emily, Husband Peter recently said this year was another baby’s “time.” Continued: “I’m very strict, especially when it comes to things like manners.

“I and Pete are really similar. We are both very enthusiastic about honesty, manners and kindness.

“Pete is probably more relaxed than I am. I’m probably a more strict person, but he can crack down.

“He doesn’t meet them often, but when he meets, they definitely know it and he talks to them as needed.”

Emily Andrea admitted that she was a tougher parent in the family

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It was after Emily juggled her role as a mother, discussed working as a doctor, and wrote her new book, Growing Up For Girls.

Speak in candid chat understood!, Emily said: You can do this. “

“So, before I started the book, I had to say myself. I haven’t seen myself as an author yet, but I think it’s very exciting right now.

“But if you say it’s not a tough job, you’ll lie. I’m trying to balance my mother’s role with my job at the NHS. I love both.

“I put the kids to sleep and put them away, and I wrote in the evening, so that meant a few nights late.”

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Emily Andrea says she "strives to keep things consistent" for the blended family

Source link Emily Andrea says she "strives to keep things consistent" for the blended family

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