Emily Andrea says Andres is cooking when hosting this Christmas

Emily Andrea This year I am preparing to host Christmas for my family with my husband Peter andre, And tell her readers understood! A column in which she is in charge of cooking.

The 32-year-old pays homage to Nick Cannon by revealing the names Millie and Theo gave to the elves. The tragic death of his five-month-old son..

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I’m busy preparing for Christmas at the Andre family.This year we’ll be holding it at our house, but we don’t know exactly who comes from where
Our extended family.

It’s a matter of having a large family – it takes years to organize everyone. I cook, and I think I might wear a turkey crown this year. I usually play whole turkey, so I’ve never done it before, so it should be interesting!

There isn’t much tradition on Christmas day, but we always start the day in stockings and sit down for a hot breakfast before opening the present. Then we see the Queen’s speech before dinner.

Emily Andrea says acting comes naturally to juniors
Emily and Pete are preparing for Christmas like our others

It’s always been a really relaxing day and we’re planning to have a pretty modest celebration this year. It’s about spending time with your family, not going up.

It’s a little more special because Millie and Theo still really believe in the magic of Christmas. We will soon take all the kids to Lapland UK, which they can never wait for. Elf On The Shelf is also in full swing and he’s working on his usual tricks.

The kids named him Peter! It’s very difficult to come up with different ideas for 25 days, but it’s worth it because the kids enjoy it so much. One morning Peter jumped out of a giant crispy cream cracker and the kids loved it!

They made me laugh because they were fighting over my Space NK Advent Calendar. They all have their own, but they’re still discussing me – and I can’t blame them. It’s probably the best in the world!

There are glittering eyeshadows and Charlotte Tilbury mascara, and some hair brands are crazy about princesses, so it’s very popular with children!

Millie and Theo named the elves on the shelves after their father Peter.
Millie and Theo named the elves on the shelves after their father Peter.

keep calm and carry on

After suggesting that early signs were more contagious than the delta type, there was much debate about whether people should cancel Christmas parties and plans for Omicron Covid. I think you should follow the rules and keep wearing the mask as needed.

Canceling or changing a plan doesn’t make sense until you get some advice, so continue as usual.

Theresa May has seen her disagree with the current guidance because of the constant presence of varieties. So there seems to be a real conflict between politicians about the right thing to do.

I don’t know the answer, but I need to think about health and the NHS. We also need to think about the economy. When many people lose their homes and livelihoods due to restrictions, the NHS is flooded with people who are not only physically ill but also mentally ill.

In my opinion, it’s very balanced and I don’t think we fully understand what the correct answer is yet. In any case, we need to be calm, stay calm and follow the rules as much as possible.

Emily pays attention to Covid, but hasn't canceled the plan yet
Emily pays attention to Covid, but hasn’t canceled the plan yet

My heart goes to Nick

Emily is overwhelmed by the news of the death of Nick Cannon's son Zen
Emily is overwhelmed by the news of the death of Nick Cannon’s son Zen

I was very sad to hear that Nick Cannon’s five-month-old son, Zen, died of a cancerous brain tumor. Cancer is horrifying, regardless of age, but when it happens to children, it seems even worse and cruel.

Sometimes, for adults, there are explanations about why they are at high risk of developing cancer, such as lifestyle choices such as smoking.

However, having children often lacks a clear explanation and can lead to parents blaming themselves in some way. But that’s not the case. It is human nature to look for reasons and explanations, but it is not always possible to find them.

And you can see that this is even more difficult to deal with. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be. My idea is in their family.

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Emily Andrea says Andres is cooking when hosting this Christmas

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