Emily Andrea explains why she and Peter’s children don’t sleep in bed

Emily Andrea Explain why she doesn’t allow her, Peter andre Children sleep in bed.

Her weekly writing all right! Column, Emily (32 years old) is the mother of Amelia (7 years old), and Theo (5 years old) talks with Pete (48 years old). I am a celebrity Star Frankie Bridge Confession that the whole family is sleeping in the same bed every night. You can apply for free! – To see what she has to say.

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You need too much sleep to share a bed with your kids

Emily Andrea explained why she and Peter Andre's children wouldn't allow them to sleep in their beds.
Emily Andrea explained why she and Peter Andre’s children wouldn’t allow them to sleep in their beds.

In a recent episode of I’m A Celebrity, Frankie Bridge revealed that her entire family sleeps in the same bed every night.

I think it’s really sweet, but I don’t think I can do that because I need a lot of sleep!

We used to stay in our room as a special hospitality that kids loved, but I couldn’t sleep much as Theo kept kicking me with his ribs!

I don’t have much time, so I think it’s important to spend that separation and time just for myself.

I think children need to understand that parents need their space and time. That said, many parents make their children jump to bed together. Of course, that’s absolutely fine.


Emily says Millie and Theo's children have a typical sibling relationship
Emily says Millie and Theo’s children have a typical sibling relationship

Actress Catherine Tyldesley admitted that her son Alfie asked the doctor if she could turn her sister into a younger brother after learning that she was expecting a girl!

This made me laugh, but it’s pretty common. Thankfully, Millie didn’t care when she learned she had a brother. I’ve never asked for my sister, probably because I already have a lot of kids at home.

Millie and Theo have a typical sibling relationship. As much as it drives me crazy when they insist, I think it’s perfectly normal!

They also love each other so much that they always make up pretty quickly after a little surprise.

I have four younger brothers, and when I was young, I remember every time I thought, “Make me a girl!” But now I’m doing all of them well and there is no other way.

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I really hope the kids get Pete’s confidence

She shared a rare snap of Theo
She shared a rare snap of Theo

Theo had a wonderful time on his fifth birthday. We had dinner with our family and made an after-school chocolate cake.

Whenever a child’s birthday, he follows the balloons from the room to the present, so everyone gets excited when he wakes up.

We don’t tend to go up with gifts, so we got him some small items like K’Nex, arts and crafts, Elmer The Patchwork Elephant plush toys.

He is completely obsessed with Elmer and listens to audiobooks every night to put him to sleep.

He also had a soft play party with some of his friends. Soft play parties are always popular with children and parents. Children love it and entertain it completely for two hours, so parents have a little free time.

When I shared a photo of him in the Greatest Showman costume with a microphone on Instagram, many said he was a mini pete.

Emily wants kids to chase Pete when it comes to self-confidence
Emily wants kids to chase Pete when it comes to self-confidence

However, Theo is actually quite shy and is not confident that Pete will do when it comes to performance.

Obviously, I don’t know what he will do in the future, but he and Millie are pretty shy like me. I really hope they can take some of Pete’s self-confidence with something like speaking in public, I think such things really hurt.

I also shared a photo of Millie’s first meeting with Theo. It’s an unforgettable moment.

But she wasn’t sure what to do with him!

It’s strange to think that my little boy is 5 years old. It makes me feel very nostalgic. I’ve said in the past that if we had another baby, it would be after Theo was five years old and went to school, but I’m completely out of that idea so far.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, so I don’t think I have a child.

But for now, we are full. I love being with kids and I think having a baby makes it really hard to do everything you do with kids.

So for now we are very happy with our family!

Emily Andrea explains why she and Peter's children don't sleep in bed

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