Emily Andre is planning a nude surprise for Peter Andre’s birthday

In her exclusive weekly column – reserved for OK! Only the eyes of VIPs – Emily Andre reveals her plans to organize a drawing lesson at home for her husband Peter Andre. Pete will turn 49 this month, and Emily has revealed that she loves to paint and finds it “really relaxing.”

Here Emily reveals exactly why she thinks this will be the perfect birthday present. She also talks about Millie becoming a gymnast, turns to the latest lifting of travel restrictions, and praises Millie Mackintosh for revealing her cesarean section …

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I recently spent the afternoon in arts and crafts with the kids after Theo asked me to paint him a giant Spider-Man and help him color it.

This sounds like fun, but it made me realize how therapeutically I find it, and it made me want to attend some art classes. I’ve always thought it would be great to do a drawing lesson with Pete, as he also finds drawing really relaxing.

We tease him about it, but he will sit down and color with the children, and then they will get up and leave, and he will still be there hours later.

I can buy him a life drawing class for his birthday this month – we just need to find someone to be the model. There should be an agency where you can hire someone to come to you. Can you imagine? Happy birthday, here’s a naked man to paint!

Emily explained that she loved to paint even more than children
Emily explained that she loved to paint even more than children

Emily Andre reveals her plans for Pete's birthday
Emily Andre reveals her plans for Pete’s birthday

Lately, I’ve also been so busy with the various kids’ clubs. Mili is involved in dancing, swimming, cheerleading, gymnastics and piano, and Theo also goes in for gymnastics and swimming.

Since he still finds school quite tiring, I haven’t enrolled him in so many clubs yet. Millie became so good at gymnastics and made a forward move for the first time that day.

I would be absolutely excited if she wants to pursue a career in gymnastics in the future. It would be a dream to have a child who loves sports so much that he wants to make it more than just a hobby.

I think gymnastics is a great sport, because it’s all about being strong, it’s good for confidence and it has a team element. It has appeared so much in the last few years and it was amazing to watch it improve.

Emily revealed that she would be excited if her daughter Millie did gymnastics
Emily revealed that she would be excited if her daughter Millie did gymnastics

Accelerate the journey

It is brilliant news that two Covid tests will soon be abolished this day for fully vaccinated passengers arriving in the UK. Half time has come and this will make the holidays all the more affordable for many families as it reduces costs.

The tourism industry is also a huge part of the economy of many countries, so it will be a big boost as the industry has been hit hard in the last two years. The travel sector really needs to start and work properly again, so as few barriers as possible are good, as long as it is safe.

Of course, if there is a new option of concern, then the trip may need to be limited, but while we can, I think it should be at full steam.

A passenger arrives at the northern terminal of Gatwick Airport on February 6, 2021 in London, England. United Kingdom
Emily shared her opinion on the government’s decision to ease travel restrictions

Mili’s journey by cesarean section

Mili Mackintosh she recently talked about her recovery from a caesarean section and said it was easier the second time.

For me, a cesarean section was much more painful than I expected. I think there is an idea that having one is an easier option, but I found recovery so difficult and I really struggled with it.

Maybe it’s because I was watching a two-year-old at the same time, but how difficult that was surprised me.

Emily touched on the restoration of Mili Mackintosh's cesarean section
Emily touched on the restoration of Mili Mackintosh’s cesarean section


Millie also revealed that she made her placenta into pills after the birth of her second child, Aurelia. It’s not something I did, but after seeing a lot of placentas during my training, I can’t imagine eating one!

But eating the placenta in various forms is a growing trend. The claimed benefits of placental pills include reducing postpartum mood disorders and stress hormones and restoring iron levels after postpartum hemorrhage; although there are limited studies looking at the risks and benefits.

I would advise anyone considering eating their placenta to discuss this with their midwife, as there are certain situations in which it would not be recommended.

Emily Andre is planning a nude surprise for Peter Andre's birthday

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