Emily Andre gushes a sweet surprise gift from her 5-year-old son Theo

Emily Andre She shared a cute photo of a lovely gift her son gave her and revealed that a 5-year-old kid wrapped the gift herself.

An NHS doctor, 32, took a picture of the sweet gift of his five-year-old son Theodore and posted his efforts to 412,000 Instagram followers on Sunday night.

In her Instagram story, Emily writes:

On the photo, two mothers wrote “Too cute !!”.

She made fans guess what the gift was and hid the faces of Theodore and his 7-year-old sister Amelia.

Emily Andre posted a cute photo of her son’s gift wrapping skills

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Wife’s TV Personality Peter Andre Recently criticized by Katie Price, a former wife of a mysterious girl singer...

Katie shared and deleted an Instagram post introducing her doctor last week.

Peter and Emily Andre share Theodore with their two children, Amelia
Peter and Emily Andre share their two children, Amelia (7 years old) and Theodore (5 years old).

The glamor model shares two children (junior (16) and princess (14)) with her ex-husband Peter (48), who married between 2005 and 2009.

Swiping her ex-wife twice, Katie’s spokesman said: mirror: “This is all very boring and Katie looks forward to her own wedding with Carl Woods this year.”

They added: “Behind the scenes, we have to agree that Emily is not innocent.”

Emily and Katie I used to think it workedKatie told a new magazine in 2020: “I also like Emily. We’re like chalk and cheese. We’re completely different!”

Emily Andre sees off the children on the first day of school and becomes emotional
NHS doctors have also recently been the subject of a surprising rant by Katie Price.

“So when I go to Pete, he thinks I’m fine. I said,” You’ve been with me for six years, Pete! You know who I am. You were really the same. You are funny too. “

Emily previously gave fans insights into her parenting style.

Talk to Closer, She explained the dynamics of the good cop and bad cop that she and Peter have. Emily said:

“I’m very strict, especially when it comes to things like manners. I and Pete are really similar. We are both very enthusiastic about honesty, manners and kindness,” Emily revealed.

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Emily Andre gushes a sweet surprise gift from her 5-year-old son Theo

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