Emerging Renewable Energy Companies in Europe

Why should we choose renewable energy? Why is this such a crucial factor in the future of planet Earth? Raising questions is as important as finding the answers because that brings a change.

‘Renewable Energy’ called the Non-Conventional Energy sources is the power generated from natural energy sources that can be replenished. These energy sources are opposed to being created from finite energy sources such as natural gas, oil, coal, etc. The future of the Earth lies in the hands of wind power, solar power, biomass, and hydropower.

Why should we adopt Renewable Energy?

Now that we have understood what renewable energy means, let us look at the specific reasons why renewable energy solutions are so important.


Fossil fuel is recognized to be one of the dominant factors behind global warming. Fossil fuels are formed from the decomposition of buried carbon-based organisms that died million years ago; hence, while burning they release large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas into the air.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in 2018, 89% of global CO2 emissions have been generated from fossil fuels and industry. It has also warned that there should be a complete reduction in the emission of fossil fuels if global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Climate change is happening, and it should be our priority to save Mother Nature. Switch from conventional to non-conventional sources of energy to have a cleaner, more sustainable, and recyclable means for a brighter future.


One of the major concerns of modern society is pollution. Air and water pollution are the significant reasons behind breathing problems, cancer, neurological diseases, premature deaths of babies, and other serious diseases.

Human beings should be more aware and informed about how renewable energy can save us from multiple things.

We must choose renewable energy sources to protect ourselves, and the environment from the harmful effects of non-renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are not only natural but also ensure cleaner air.


Renewable sources of energy are also essential because it gives job opportunities. The renewable energy industries are labor-intensive. They need a labor force or technicians for the maintenance of the wind farms; on the other hand, even the solar panels need humans to install them. Therefore, the reliability of the renewable energy sources combined with their power to cut back on greenhouse gases makes it the most prominent choice for future generations.


The demand for renewable sources of energy is rapidly increasing, and today in the 21st century, it has become one of the most important sources of energy in different regions and nations across the globe.

Tbhawt Manufacturing


Nikolai Grebenkine, the Project Coordinator at Tbhawt Manufacturing OÜ, says, “For decades solar energy has been the most effective renewable source for households and in industrial use.

At Tbhawt, we’ve recognized the huge potential of solar panels in distributed energy grids that we develop for our commercial clients. A mix of our solar panels with wind turbines will certainly benefit an electricity production system.

What makes me so sure? Because solar panels have reduced by 97% in cost since the 1980s, and wind turbines have dropped in production costs pretty much in the past decade. Altogether, these factors add to the overall cost-efficiency of an electricity generation system.

Another benefit is that a mixed solar and wind grid would produce electricity day and night at no cost for their owner. Noteworthy, a microgrid has one central control system which decreases chances of failures or purpose scams.”



EWT believes in collaborating with individuals, businesses, and communities to become distributed energy champions. It is also at the heart of global transitions towards a lower carbon and more sustainable forms of power generation. Their distributed energy solutions and project development make the energy transition as simple as possible for all their customers, which incorporates energy consumers, producers, and investors.

Green Tech Services


Known for their specialization in the technical management of photovoltaic power plants, Green Tech has branches in Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, Denia, and Spain as they deliver services throughout Europe. Green Tech significantly provides robust technical, commercial, and administrative services to aid renewable energy resources.

PWR Station


PWR Station is known for its specialization in the design and marketing of solar racking systems. The solar racking system delivered by PWR Station is well-recognized for its aim to eliminate the complexities involved in solar installations and facilitate seamless access to affordable solar energy. Additionally, the company offers several models starting with its 3 kW and 5 kW PWRstation Genesis line that includes photovoltaic panels, inverters, and wiring; engineered to facilitate rapid access to solar power with safety improvements and controlling prices.


The company Solarfox relies on expertise, technology, and professional services. Its success is dependent on its top-notch quality products and that enable continual optimization and development of its offerings.

GreenVest Solutions


GreenVest is an energy startup that aims to consolidate artificial intelligence with satellite data and develop optimal renewable energy solutions for regional deployments. Its specialization lies in the analysis and optimization of renewable energy infrastructure deployment. GreenVest tends to provide renewable energy solutions that include hybrid plants with high potential or green plants in developing countries.

Clean and Sustainable Environment

It is important to adopt clean energy development to combat climate change and its devastating effects. Solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric power can provide energy without emitting carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gases. Therefore, take a small step towards saving the planet by accepting renewable energy as your priority.


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