“Embarrassed” when Kate Gallaway blushes and the phone alarm sounds twice on the air

Kate Gallaway Left her Good Morning Britain Co-starring Ben Shepherd After the alarm on her phone rang twice, the hysterical viewer performed live on the air.

Recently 54 years old After filming an episode of Walking With, he said he got sick from a kidney infection.It remained confused when her phone began to chime loudly during a discussion on COP26 on Friday, November 12th.

She turned it off immediately before continuing the conversation, but just 10 minutes later her phone alert rang again.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. What the hell is going on?” She exclaimed as her voice pitched higher.

Kate Gallaway remains blushing after a phone alarm sounds in GMB

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Her co-presenter Ben Shepherd, 46, laughed and said, “If anyone had the technical ability to turn off Kate’s phone, it would be very helpful.”

Kate then asked: “Should I just remove it from the studio? How many alarms did I set?” As Ben suggested, they handed the phone to floor manager Katie.

Recently TV personality Kate Opening the help she received from her neighbor, Continued: “I’m blaming the kids! There were other kids at 6:45 am.”

Kate shared that the phone was broadcast twice and was confusing

Jokingly, Ben shouted: “You really should be somewhere in Kate Gallaway!” As she replied: “They’re all off now. They’re all off now. They are all off now.” Are all off now. I’m very embarrassed. “

Ben joked again. “It may be that our producers are saying,’This is enough, let’s move on,'” Kate said.

Later, Ben made fun of Kate, claiming that her phone would always be off in the studio, she replied: “I’m a little worried because of Darcy. [Kate’s daughter] You may now be oversleeping because you have a phone of the same color and it may only be an alarm clock at school. “

Ben made fun of Kate, claiming it wasn’t the first time she hung up.

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After asking viewers to share their experiences that could have turned their phone off at the wrong time, Twitter began to be flooded with replies.

“I remember when my phone started ringing a muse’s super-large black hole, I was lying in the doctor’s room with a very embarrassing examination,” one wrote the emoji as a frowning woman. rice field.

Another said: “@ KategarrawayOMG, my son’s phone alarm rang randomly this morning at 3:17 am and 4:17 am ….. strange ….”

GMB fans shared their experiences

Third share: “A very funny face with tears of joy as my phone disappeared at The Lion King’s Edinburgh Playhouse. Mufasa just died … the place is quiet, the phone is Carly Rae Jepsen “Maybe call me,” he said. Shut down #beamer # sorryeveryone! “

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"Embarrassed" when Kate Gallaway blushes and the phone alarm sounds twice on the air

Source link "Embarrassed" when Kate Gallaway blushes and the phone alarm sounds twice on the air

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