Elon Musk buys Twitter: What’s next for business users?

Tesla founder and mining heir Elon Musk has agreed to buy Twitter into a $ 44 billion deal that will turn the social media network into a private company, with potential future large – scale consequences for the platform.

But just after Monday’s announcement, it’s hard to say exactly how Musk – led Twitter will differ from its shareholder – owned iteration. Musk’s statement announcing the private agreement indicated that there are a number of possible changes, including “authenticating all people”, eliminating spam and “improving the product with new features,” but the details yet to be clarified.

The statement said Musk was saying he appreciates free speech and hopes to “make Twitter better than ever” and maintain the platform’s status as “the square of the digital home.” But, according to Electronic Frontier Foundation international freedom of speech director Jillian York, Musk’s commitment to free speech is highly questionable.

Musk’s commitment to free speech is questioned

“He talked about being a free-speech absolutist, but he really doesn’t have the bona fides to support that,” York said. Musk has initiated legal action against people who have publicly criticized him in the past.

York also noted that Musk’s ownership, coupled with the fact that direct messaging on the platform remains unencrypted, could create a problem – in theory – for business users.

“For years, people have been calling on Twitter to encrypt direct messages,” she said. “In theory, this means that [Musk] able to access your DMs. And for businesses that could be a threat. “

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Elon Musk buys Twitter: What’s next for business users?

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