Elle Darby apologizes for the re-emergence of racist, homosexual, and homosexual tweets.

Youtuber Elle Darby apologized for a series of offensive tweets shared by fitness and lifestyle bloggers 10 years ago.

The 26-year-old social media influencer was exposed by posting numerous tweets of racism, homosexuality, alien exclusion, and fat aversion.

Vlogger was sorry about the language used on Twitter using her channel with 585,000 subscribers.

In the video, she looks at the camera and works on historic tweets. Ell explains: “I’ve tried shooting this video many times, but I’m sorry it’s not enough every time because I have no words.”

Most of the content she posts is from her 28-year-old fiancé and personal trainer Connor Swift.

Social media Elle Darby apologizes for racist and homosexual tweets

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Couples often shared key moments in their lives, sharing a video of Elle previously telling him she was pregnant and a video of her childbirth thereafter.

Connor and his fiancé El also own the Angele collection, a British luxury loungewear brand.

Elle Darby apologizes for making an offensive tweet to 585,000 subscribers

Her apology continued: “I hated the tweets I made in 2009, and far from me today, they were racist, fat-hating, homosexual-I’m embarrassed, I’m sick of myself. “

The content of the tweet contained offensive remarks to people of different countries and races.

“No one on the planet hates me more than I do now. The pain I have caused to many people eats me up,” added the 26-year-old.

26-year-old posts lifestyle content to social media followers

Offensive tweets from both Connor and his partner were found and drew the attention of Tuttle Life, a social media gossip page.

Ell told her subscribers: [that person].. ”

Her three-minute YouTube post concludes, “I’m disappointed because I don’t feel any more humiliating. I’d like to say it again, I’m sorry.”

Couples post intimate videos of their lives, such as Elle giving birth

This was after the influencer duo posted an apology to Elle’s 712,000 Instagram followers, who felt the statement wasn’t advanced enough.

The Instagram story says, “Christmas and New Year are traditionally times to look back, so I decided to look at both social history. It’s embarrassing to admit that I didn’t like what I found.”

In their initial apology, they went on to say, “The two of us were shocked, surprised, and surprised by some of the languages ​​used in our very old tweets, especially over 10 years ago. It was devastated. “

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Elle Darby apologizes for the re-emergence of racist, homosexual, and homosexual tweets.

Source link Elle Darby apologizes for the re-emergence of racist, homosexual, and homosexual tweets.

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