Elizabeth Hurley wears a see-through dress and throws away her bra when celebrating Christmas

Elizabeth Hurley set off a pulsing race among fans after she took off her underwear and posed in a see-through dress for Christmas.

The Austin Powers actress was welcomed as a “goddess” by her beloved fans when she showed off her appearance in a slightly transparent pink flock.


Liz went without underwear, so I set it to pulsate with a see-through dressCredit: Eroteme


I could see the stars hitting many sultry posesCredit: Eroteme

Elizabeth, 56, Enthusiastic about a series of festive photos, he made fans enthusiastic when he performed a commando under a shining Versace dress.

The model wore a mini dress that looked a little transparent, revealed that she had no underwear, and also had thigh slits and thin straps.

She posed for a snap, showing a stunning curve, and perfecting her look with a festive tinsel headband with glittering cat ears up.

Elizabeth also had attractive make-up, including shiny pink lipstick, smoky eyeshadow, and pink blushing cheeks.

She wore delicate gold chains and hoop earrings, and shed her golden hair, which had been styled by loose waves, over her shoulders.

On the second shot, she lay down on her cream-colored sofa at home, showing her long slender legs and ankle boots from a recent injury.

“Happy Christmas!” One mother captioned the snap. “I was distracted by an ankle injury in stockings.”

The star followed up with a third photo and posed next to the cutout of actor Liam Neeson in a suit to lighten his mood.

Fans were enthusiastic about the images, including designer Donatella Versace, who sent a series of heart emojis in the comments.

RuPaul’s Judge Michelle Visage added, “I’m sorry, beauty,” and the third fan wrote, “Too beautiful! Goddess!”

Elizabeth’s son Damian also shared his love for the photo, and below the photo he shared the heart of love and the congratulatory emoji.

Her son Damian sent a heart of love and a congratulatory emoji to the post.

A few days after Elizabeth showed her off Stunning body in a leopard print bikini After getting her coronavirus booster jab.

Liz recently said that “life is too short” to worry about dieting and has no plans to pack a bikini yet.

“I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than 20 years ago, but I don’t care,” she said. Daily mail..

“I probably eat a little more, but I don’t eat takeaways, I drink soda only once at Blue Moon. Life is too short to eat a super-strict diet.”

“My weakness is peanut butter. If I’m at home, I put my finger in the jar every time I pass by,” she added.


She smiled for a moment next to a life-sized Liam Neeson cut outCredit: Eroteme
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Elizabeth Hurley wears a see-through dress and throws away her bra when celebrating Christmas

Source link Elizabeth Hurley wears a see-through dress and throws away her bra when celebrating Christmas

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