eleXsys Energy will secure a £ 3.65 million Series A investment and a £ 640,000 investment through the Angel Investment Network – UK Tech Investment News.

Cleantech Energy Company eleXsys Energy Raises £ 640,000 Through Angel Investment Network

eleXsysEnergy Raised £ 640,000 through Angel investment network, The world’s largest online angel investment platform. eleXsys Energy develops unique and internationally award-winning technologies to drive the transition from the global energy grid to the future of clean energy. With eleXsys® technology, large commercial and industrial rooftops can be turned into grid-connected solar power plants. eleXsys® is an important implementation technology installed to build the IKEA eleXsys microgrid at IKEA Adelaide and will be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2025.

This funding took four months and was part of a larger £ 5m funding, including a Series A round of £ 3.55m. With this funding, companies can continue to invest while rapidly expanding their global reach. eleXsys Energy’s innovative technology maximizes the potential of electrical networks and hosts many times cleaner distributed energy without upgrading expensive network infrastructure. The platform supports the most efficient and low-cost means of providing clean, distributed solar or wind energy by providing services that allow bidirectional power flow on the grid.

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The company started in Australia but is now reorganized and headquartered in London. This is the first overseas procurement of eleXsys Energy and an important step for the company. The company has more than 270 customers, including 11 industrial rooftops that span schools, government, agricultural and commercial buildings. This increase will enable companies to continue investing in technology while rapidly expanding their global reach.

According to Richard Romanowski, co-founder and executive director of eleXsys:

“We are delighted to have a successful round of funding through the Angel Investment Network. Our technology is essential to the transition to one of the world’s most pressing challenges: clean energy. From investors around the world. Funding confirms the global willingness to invest in new clean tech solutions aimed at addressing global carbon reduction goals. We are a fast-growing business and funding. By procuring, we can further drive our strategic plans for expansion and reach the goals of new and existing investors. “

According to Sam Lewis, head of the consultancy division of the Angel Investment Network.

“We are excited to work with eleXsys Energy at this time of the company’s significant growth. With this increase, eleXsys will allow strategic and experienced investors to expand their global reach and in the international market. We were able to secure that support in establishing our position. Our passionate investors want to support the business of solving real problems and move to clean energy. There is almost certainly no bigger problem to solve than how to grow dramatically. “


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About Angel Investment Network

Launched by childhood friends James Badgett and Mike Lebus, the Angel Investment Network (AIN) is an online platform that connects startups with a global network of angel investors. With 40 networks in 90 countries and more than 1.4 million users, it is the world’s largest angel investment community. The Angel Investment Network has supported tens of thousands of companies around the world with investments ranging from £ 10,000 to £ 1m. In January 2018, AIN launched Seed Tribe. It’s an impact-driven platform focused on companies that deliver purposeful profits. In April 2018, AIN launched Brick Tribe. This is a platform that specially connects real estate developers and investors. Our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs connect with the best investors and realize their ambitions.

About eleXsys Energy
eleXsys Energy introduces eleXsys®, an internationally award-winning technology that provides solutions to the problem of voltage fluctuations caused by the increasing number of distributed energy resources competing to deliver clean energy to the grid. .. The ever-increasing popularity of solar, wind and other clean energy generation poses challenges for major grid network operators in delivering safe and stable electricity to consumers. eleXsys® technology solves these problems and enables grid operators and their consumers to embrace the transition to clean energy without the need for expensive network infrastructure upgrades.

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eleXsys Energy will secure a £ 3.65 million Series A investment and a £ 640,000 investment through the Angel Investment Network – UK Tech Investment News.

Source link eleXsys Energy will secure a £ 3.65 million Series A investment and a £ 640,000 investment through the Angel Investment Network – UK Tech Investment News.

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