EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Model David Gandy is kicked out of the pub with his fellow flashy disgust

He was a dashing millionaire, and in his captivating Dolce & Gabbana ad, women all over the world fainted because he wore only tight white pants.

However, it can be revealed that top model David Gandy was ordered to leave Mayfair’s pub because of the sneaky behavior of his fellow group.

Members of his party were accused of becoming warlike when bar staff refused to serve them more. alcohol..

A meal at the Guinea Grill, worth £ 43 for ribeye steak and £ 2,451 for a bottle of Chateau Latour Cabernet, is aimed at groups who have to endure songs and chanting from men and have a filthy look. I did.

The UK’s highest-paying male model, David Gandy, 41, and a group of friends appear to have been ordered to leave the Guinea Grill Pub at Mayfair after accusing the staff of being warlike.

“It was very unpleasant to witness,” a fellow cafeteria tells me.

“The men were very angry that the bar staff refused to serve them, mocked them, and started filming them on their phone.”

After their aggressive behavior continued, they were finally ordered to leave the city’s broker’s favorite pub, and the Tory Grande enjoying a quiet corner for plots and gossip. rice field.

Past customers include Greta Garbo and Frank Sinatra. Gandhi’s Cham may seem embarrassing, but he doesn’t seem to repent, including confirming that art director Chris Lowe has been sent off online and criticizing the staff.

Guinea Grill is a favorite of city brokers — and Tory Grande enjoys quiet corners for plots and chats.

“I’m very sorry tonight,” Rowe yelled in a post last Saturday.

“I was there with four friends, and we were sincerely welcomed and had a nice meal … everything was good. But then we were refused to serve and I was asked to leave.

Rowe, who is often photographed with Gandhi and often having lunch with fellow models, added: We are not violent at once. ”

Gandhi, 41, is the UK’s most paid male model, with lawyer Stephanie Mendros and two children. He can be very embarrassed by the case because he is proud of his manners and his good looks.

Gandhi, Rowe, and the spokesman for the pub landlord all declined to comment.

Jurassic Park star Sam Neill doesn’t seem to be impressed by the new trend of famous Hollywood actors such as Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman appearing on small screens.

He states: “When I started the movie, working on TV was like getting Chlamydia.

There is no harm to Neil. He has appeared in many TV dramas over the years, including the Peaky Blinders.

No Keir solicitation

Think of Sir Kiel Starmer. Despite being a former prosecutor, a knight of the kingdom, and the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition for almost two years, no one wants to paint his portrait.

This week, Sir Keir was invited to hold an exhibition at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at Mall Gallery, just off Buckingham Palace.

But he tells me: “No one has offered to paint his portrait.”

Labor leaders insisted that they did not require oil immortality, adding:

Now, Sir Kiel is still trying to make an impression in the political world …

Will and glamorous night at Mayfair: Party Choices

chance: A charity dinner at Robin Barry’s Private Members Club Oswald in Mayfair.

Singer Holly Valance, 38, surprised a friend in a small white dress when he was out at night.

There was also an actress Minnie Driver whose father was a royal financial adviser.

You’re Beautiful Singer James Blunt also attended with his wife, Sofia Wellesley, the niece of the Duke of Wellington.

Guest: Guest: Prince William was there on a rare night out as a patron of the environmental group Fauna & Flora International.

Prince William was an honorary guest at the event

Royal Paul: You were attended by beautiful singer James Blunt (whose friends include Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie) with his wife Sofia Wellesley, the niece of the Duke of Wellington.

From LA to London: Good Will Hunting star Minnie Driver, 51, has been a regular at party circuits since returning from Hollywood to London. Maybe she provided William with some money tips? Her late father, Ronnie, was a financial adviser to the royal family.

Best outfit: Holly Valance, 38, the wife of real estate tycoon Nick Candy’s pop singer, wore a white mini dress and saw her vision. The couple recently spend most of their time in a £ 10 million mansion in the Cotswolds.

Jamie Oliver probably kicked the knight’s chance when he closed most of his Italian restaurant, but he was handed a gong by the Italian government.

The naked chef was awarded the Order of the Star of Italy “to promote Italy, its wonderful food and culture”.

And he even got an Italian passport as part of the deal.

Oliver, 46, was badly criticized when it was revealed he was paying £ 5.2 million a few months before the restaurant collapsed and 1,000 jobs were lost in 2018.

The Countess reveals everything about blind dates …

Earl Spencer’s wife, Karen, admits that she wasn’t in love at first sight when she met her brother on a blind date while visiting Los Angeles.

“It wasn’t instant,” says Countess Spencer, a 48-year-old Canadian.

“It took a minute. Obviously he’s very handsome, funny and charming, but by the time I met Charles I was exhausted at the age of 38.

Earl Spencer’s wife, Karen, admits she wasn’t in love at first sight when she met Princess Diana’s brother on a blind date.

Karen was once married, but Charles Spencer, 57, was divorced twice.

Speaking in the Duchess podcast, Mrs. Spencer adds: [at her funeral]..

“But I didn’t really know any of the royal families and didn’t know anything, so I didn’t know he had other sisters, and I didn’t know anything.”

Perhaps she and her 550 acres, who first glimpsed his ancestral home, Althorp, helped overcome the question?

Damian Green was the de facto deputy prime minister of Theresa May, but he may now be removed from some Christmas card lists. He told me he wasn’t impressed with some of the offerings sent by his colleagues.

“I find it very annoying for politicians to put a photo of their face on a Christmas card,” he told me at the Rosewood London Hotel’s Spectator MP Award.

“Jeremy Hunt does it with his family every year. David Cameron has always done something very subtle with him.

“I don’t think Matt Hancock will do this this year,” he added.

Beach fun for Edo’s son and ex

In August, her son-in-law and her husband’s ex-fiancée it in Dubai, while Princess Beatrice attended royal events such as Windsor baptizing her sister Princess Eugenie’s baby son. I have lived.

Architect Dara Fan, 38, a former girlfriend of Princess Beatrice’s husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, was filmed at a beachfront party in Dubai.

Architect Dara Fan, who has a five-year-old son known as Wolfie, along with Bee’s husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, shared a racy playsuit in this photo shared at a beach party in the Emirate of the Middle East. I was wearing it.

“Well Dubai, it was fun,” Dara spouts 38 years old. “I’ll be back soon.”

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Model David Gandy is kicked out of the pub with his fellow flashy disgust

SourceEDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Model David Gandy is kicked out of the pub with his fellow flashy disgust

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