Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift will team up for his new single “Joker and the Queen” next month.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are at the top of their game, so they have no more time to team up for another collaboration.

The pair is believed to be aiming for the top of the chart to kick off in 2022.


Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift will team up for his new single “Joker and the Queen” next month.

They dropped a series of clues that hinted at releasing a duet. Ed’s next single, The Joker and the Queen.

Megastar has been a companion for most of the decade. Taylor Usually, you drop a lot of Easter eggs, a slang term for sneaky clues, to suggest what she’ll do next. She seems to have taught Ed how to do it.

In the video for Overpass Graffiti, the previous single from Equals, Ed wore a biker jacket carrying a joker and a queen.

It featured a patch with Taylor’s name on top of the Queen. At another point in the clip, there is a newspaper front page that has her name in the story with Elton John, whom he recently collaborated with.

The headline of the second news article in the video (fiction seems to be true given what I’m reporting now) says “Sheerios leuths are seeing signs everywhere.” I am.

Earlier this week, Ed said of the Joker and Queen:

“I collaborated for it with someone I just love for it that will come out in the New Year.”

Taylor’s last eight albums are at the top of the charts, and Ed is flying high with the success of his latest record, Equals, with the original solo version of the song.

In 2012, the other collaborations End Game and Run were never released as singles, but reached No. 7 with Everything Has Changed.

Teaming up again for this feels like the perfect solution to send both back to No1.

And if it’s announced in the coming weeks, I’ll keep crossing my fingers so that I can win the Superstar stage performance at the Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards.

That’s not the only major collaboration for him next year.

As I said yesterday, he also has a song alongside Camila Cabello.

When asked about Ed, the singer who was the first track on Spotify to reach 3 billion streams yesterday, Shape Of You said, “We’ve created a song that will be released next year.”

For him, it will certainly be another busy 12 months.

Lad Baby jumps to the top

LADBABY was the first act to win the Christmas No. 1 single four times in a row last night and was a course to set a new record.


Lad Baby will be No. 1 on Christmas

But it was also good news for Elton John and Ed Sheeran, who have secured yet another top spot after appearing in the song with the support of the food bank charity Trassel Trust.

The song on the right, Sausage Rolls For Everyone, is a parody of Ed and Elton’s track Merry Christmas on the No. 2 course.

The bookmaker was so certain last night that there were very long odds of 1-16 offered by Coral as dad vlogger Lad Baby secures the top spot today.

The track was number one on the iTunes download charts all week long, but a second version of the Food Bank Choir also helped boost sales.

No. 1 in four consecutive celebrations means Lad Baby, which surpasses the record set by the Spice Girls and The Beatles.

It’s all for great purposes, but I hope this means someone else can go next year.

It’s a little boring to be the same person who has a parody every Christmas.

Just as the X Factor winner single was tired of always being No. 1 in December every year, in 2022 what you really want to hear and someone else can beat Lad Baby. hoping.

Glaston’s Slade

SLADE’s 1973 No. 1 song Merry Xmas Everybody confirmed their position in a history book.


Slade Noddy Holder wants to play Glastonbury

Currently, lead singer Noddy Holder has a big plan for the original group behind the smash.

In an exclusive chat, he revealed that he would like to go back with Jim Lea, Don Powell and Dave Hill to play Glastonbury’s Legend Slots.

And he has a mountain to climb to convince the festival organizer Michael Eves to say so, but reuniting his ex-bandmate after they split in 1992 is even more It will be difficult.

Especially after Dave dismissed Don from the improved version of the group by email last year.

Noddy describes the possibility of playing the coveted slot: Perhaps everyone has to get on their own coach. Or we all need to have a changing room or caravan respectively.

“And maybe we have to have a glass barrier between us on stage so that we don’t hit each other on stage.”

The band had 6 No1 singles and 5 No1 albums. But Nody said their ego tore them.

For Dave and Don, he added: But that happens in rock and roll bands. If it’s not one crisis, it’s another. “

Happy Chewyer, Dua

Last year’s Christmas Dua Lipa was all loved in America with Anwar Hadid and his family.


Dua Lipa marvels in psychedelic costumes as she spends Christmas in the UK

They later flew to Mexico on vacation with all their companions and her family.

But the next twelve months are another story, and Dua seems to be enjoying the festival in Britain, more than 5,000 miles from Anwar.

The cheating singer, posed in this groovy psychedelic Versace outfit, bites a bag and in rumors that things with her and Anwar were over two and a half years later for an Instagram post.

A busy, world-running schedule means they’ve been having a hard time finding time to be together in the last few months and the pair hasn’t been drawn together for weeks.

But given that they say it won’t be long before they come together again, I’m convinced that their New Year’s determination is to fix things.

Liz heads to Tinseltown

Half of the decoration was on my head, so it seems that LIZZO was absorbed in it while he was standing the tree.


Lizzo had Christmas tree headpieces and grinch green hair

The Truth Hurts singer wished fans Merry Christmas by sharing this photo of a very festive headpiece over grinch green hair online.

Her last album, Cuz I Love You, was released in 2019, so I hope this is a sign that a new musical gift is coming soon.

After the death of his best friend, emotional Ed Sheeran opens the door to fans with an intimate gig in London

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift will team up for his new single “Joker and the Queen” next month.

Source link Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift will team up for his new single “Joker and the Queen” next month.

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