Economy, defense and vaccines governing EU policy planning

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Today is Trade union status Japan — An annual speech by the President of the European Commission on where things are and what policies are still in place. Today’s speech, a tradition that Romano Prodi began 20 years ago, is the second SOTEU since Ursula von der Leyen took office and is moving away from crisis management.

The new policy proposals are obscured, but the speech will probably focus on the need to do more in the areas of economy, immunization rate improvement, and defense.

A rare speech and encounter took place yesterday in Slovakia, where the Pope met members of Slovakia. Roma communityWhen the head of the Catholic Church tried to pay attention to the plight of the minority still exiled in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gear switching, a social media platform owned by China Ticktaku It is under new scrutiny for ignoring EU privacy rules.

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There is no federalist gimmick

Ursula von der Reyen will give her set-play State of the Union address in Strasbourg this morning, kickstarting her third year as chairman and revealing details of the agenda that has been kept secret. Maileen Khan In Strasbourg.

The president has already proposed transformative crisis-driven policies this morning, such as the EU’s Pandemic Recovery Fund and groundbreaking packages like Brock’s Green Deal, and will respond to the MEP. The Commission’s hard work, and the policies that define the legacy of von der Leyen, are already on the table.

In that sense, today’s speech offers few federalist gimmicks or grand visions, instead focusing on ensuring that Brussels’ existing policy agenda is agreed and implemented over the next three years. There is a possibility.

Von der Leyen’s speech will also take place within two weeks of his native Germany voting for federal elections. Timing is sufficient to ensure that sensitive pressure points in Berlin, such as the renewal of spending rules in Brussels, are unlikely to attract much attention today.

One theme highlighted, according to EU diplomats, is the need to strengthen the EU’s defense capabilities after recent events in Afghanistan have revealed the relative powerlessness of Block’s swift and collaborative action. It is sex.

Von der Leyen wants the ambassador last week to think beyond the framework of Brock’s “quick response” intervention and strengthen joint defense procurement to ensure better coordinated action in the international crisis. Said. The topic is the relatively safe terrain familiar to former German Defense Minister Von der Leyen.

Improving Brock’s economy and accelerating the deployment of vaccines will help Von der Leyen sell her message within the Commission about a steady revolution and the start of post-crisis integration.

Georg Rikeles, a former Commission official and now Deputy Director of the European Policy Center, said von der Leyen had the opportunity to reset the Commission after more than 18 months in crisis-fighting mode. It’s time to grab. ”

In this analysis He urged the Commission Chairman to begin the second half of the presidency by leading changes that could lead to “fresh ideas and critical self-examination of her leadership, methods and structures.” .. Germans have been accused of managing styles that rely on a small number of advisors and a limited flow of information.

“With Prime Minister Angela Merkel crouching out of politics and Emmanuel Macron fighting for reelection, with von der Leyen [Charles] Michelle has to lose their mentor and fill the vacuum of power they have left behind, “he wrote.

Pope to Rome

FT’s Central European correspondent called for more inclusiveness of Europe to Rome when Pope Francis visited a poor community in Kosice, eastern Slovakia yesterday. James Shotter..

People wait for Pope Francis prior to meeting with members of the Roma community in Kosice © REUTERS

According to the European Commission, it is estimated that up to 12 million Rome live in Europe, many of whom are “still victims of stigma and social exclusion.”And besides Recent non-binding recommendations The plight of this minority group has been largely ignored by Brock’s Council of Ministers for more equality, inclusion and participation.

The Pope’s visit during a four-day trip to Hungary and Slovakia is one of the central concerns of his deities, 84 years old to emphasize his support for excluded and trampled people. This is the latest effort by the deity of Divinities.

“Marginizing others does nothing,” he said when he visited Slovakia’s largest isolated Roma settlement, built in the 1970s and now home to about 4,000 people. “Separating yourself from others ultimately leads to anger.”

Rome, which accounts for about 9% of Slovakia’s 5.5 million population, has long suffered from stigma and exclusion, as it does elsewhere in central and Eastern Europe.

Communities, most of which live in the eastern part of the country, live in poor conditions and often face discrimination in the job market.

“You are not at the edge of the church, you are at the center of it,” the Pope tells the people who gathered to hear him speak, and the priest to help those who have been driven to the edge of society. Prompted to.

Chart du jour: late

Graph showing that a smaller proportion of Germany's population is more fully vaccinated than comparable European countries, share of fully vaccinated population (%)

According to Our World in Data, immunization rates in Germany have been stagnant in recent weeks, with nearly 62% of the population fully vaccinated. This is slightly above the EU average, but below the UK, France and Italy. In some countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Denmark, more than 70% of the population is fully vaccinated. (((Click here for details).

EU vs TikTok

Social media app TikTok writes that it is under new scrutiny for compliance with EU privacy rules Javier Espinosa In Brussels.

The Irish Data Protection Commission yesterday announced two surveys of its Chinese-owned platform. This platform is popular with teens with endless scrollable viral short videos.

Watchdog said in its first investigation that TikTok will investigate whether it processes user’s personal information in accordance with EU privacy regulations. The second survey investigates whether social media companies comply with EU regulations when sending personal information to China.

Ticktaku Said “We will implement more features and controls to protect European user data, further minimize data transfers and enhance personal data protection.” The company announced that it will build a data center in Ireland to store all European customer data by late 2022 to reduce data transfers to China.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has been monitored by European regulators.

In July, Dutch data protection authorities fined the company € 750,000 for violating the privacy of infants. The Dutch Watchdog concluded that TikTok “could not provide a good explanation of how the app collects, processes and uses personal data.”

European Commission earlier this year Asked again TikTok talks about how Chinese companies comply with consumer protection regulations Complaints According to the block’s comprehensive consumer organization BEUC.

The Irish move is the day after the guard dog announces its abominable report. There is a backlog 98% of open cases, including data breach complaints. Ireland is a preferred destination for technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple to establish their operations in Europe.

What to see today

  1. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presents EU speech in Strasbourg

  2. German Christian Democratic Prime Minister Armin Laschet and his potential Minister of Finance / Economy Friedrich Merz present the party’s economic policy plan

Notable, quoteable

  • Sanchez vs. Utility: Spain Announced A € 3 billion assault on energy company profits and temporary consumer tax cuts as it seeks to contain the political damage caused by soaring electricity and gas prices that are putting pressure on governments across Europe.

  • Fossil Bank: According to the report, only 15 of the 100 major financial institutions are on track to reach their climate and social equality goals. This ranking A Rome-based publication by Impakter that monitors compliance with private sector sustainability goals.

  • Mafia Doppelganger: British F1 fans were arrested last week by Dutch police after being mistaken for the Sicilian mafia boss, one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives. The Washington Post.

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Economy, defense and vaccines governing EU policy planning

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