Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish

Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish

When you want to raise the value of your property, bathroom updates are a safe bet, and the process can be easier than you might expect. As bathroom trends shift, there will always be simple ways to improve the look and feel of the room.

Wall color

The color of a room is relatively easy to change and goes a long way to determine how it feels, but unless you want to go through several redesigns in the name of modern trends, you’ll be better off sticking to a simplistic, timeless color scheme. While the typical modern bathroom is characterized by bright whites and gleaming surfaces, a darker design can also be very effective. The key is to create balance with the furniture and fixtures that offset the dominant tones, like light wood.


Tapware and railings often get overlooked when it comes time for a renovation, but the truth is that they can make a big difference to the look, even with a small budget. There is also a surprisingly broad range of tap styles and brands to suit unique renovation projects. If you’re after something long-term, go for a classic stainless steel finish, but when you feel inclined to chase a trend, consider alternatives like gold, copper, or brass. These fixtures are easy to swap out when you feel like a quick DIY project, and as long as you stick to matching tones, they can add a real sense of class to your bathroom.


Of all the easy projects you could take on in the bathroom, adding a few bathroom accessories has to be the most accessible. Things like towel racks, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders are typically inexpensive to buy, but they can add a sense of cohesion throughout the space, especially if the rest of the room is already in good condition. These are also great opportunities to add a pop of color to the room without the long-term commitment of a new tile job. What’s not to love?


Sometimes, completing your bathroom look is less about adding and more about taking things away – things like your toothbrushes, toiletries, and other clutter crowding the sink – but before you can do that, you’ll need to create suitable storage space. Bathroom shelves and cabinet space are always good investments, allowing for a tidier, more organized feel, and if you can get them in warm tones like rust or caramel, your new additions will be right on-trend.

Living furniture

Adding comfortable seating spaces to your bathroom is still a relatively new idea, but it’s catching on fast and with good reason. Homeowners are increasingly turning to bathrooms as zones of self-care and relaxation, and nothing says “relaxation” quite like plush seating or even a fireplace. That said, even while you’re adding more pieces to the room, a minimalist style is the best bet for long-lasting elegance. Sleek cabinetry, floating vanities, and a simple freestanding bathtub will keep the space feeling refined and organized – the only problem will be remembering to leave.


Space is a luxury, and with the magic of a well-placed mirror, you can create the illusion that your bathroom has a whole lot more of it. As it reflects the room, a mirror can make a room look much more spacious as it otherwise would, and add to the sense of luxury you’ve created with the furniture. Obviously, the larger your choice of mirror, the more pronounced the effect will be, so if you’ve got the space and the budget, you might consider investing in a floor-to-ceiling style. Whatever the cost, it beats the alternative of knocking down walls and redesigning your floor plan to create that coveted roomy look!


As our focus on physical wellness and mental health has grown over the years, plants have become much more than just garden dwellers, often taking a space in some of the most modern, stylish bathrooms around. Not only have they been proven to enhance emotional health and improve air quality, but they also give the bathroom a sense of elegance inspired by nature. Bringing the natural world inside has become an enduring trend over the past few years, and it doesn’t look likely to disappear any time soon!

Bathrooms might have a reputation for demanding difficult, expensive renovations, but with simple tips like these, it’s easy to create a more refined look and increase the visual value of your property. Choose your updates wisely, and the bathroom in your property will look a million bucks.

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