EastEnders’ Sid Owen recalls how his fiancé Victoria died during the birth of his daughter.

Eastenders Star Sid Owen He revealed how his fiancé Victoria Shores was afraid of life when he gave birth to a trauma to his daughter.

50-year-old Sid announced that he became a father Earlier this week he had his first child, Sky.

However, Victoria’s labor was not easy because she needed a blood transfusion because she lost a pint of blood and her daughter Sky gave birth by an emergency caesarean section four weeks earlier.

Ricky Butcher’s actor Sid told The Sun on Sunday: I was imagining a horror story.

EastEnders star Sid Owen remembers the traumatic birth of his daughter Sky and Victoria.

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“I couldn’t cope with losing Vic, I was more worried about her. I’m still trying to handle the trauma of it.

“It was the hardest moment I’ve ever experienced.”

Sid recalled how traumatic childbirth began on Friday, January 21, when a couple woke up when they discovered that their bed sheets were stained with blood.

“We were trying to keep each other calm,” Sid said. “But one month before the deadline, I found something wrong, so I called the NHS helpline and an ambulance was sent immediately.”

Meanwhile, Victoria added:

Sid admitted that he was “trying to deal with trauma” from the trials

“I was more dangerous because I had a miscarriage before and hadn’t experienced labor for more than 12 years.”

They were then taken to a hospital in Epsom, Surrey, where they met nine staff members in the delivery room.

Victoria was diagnosed with placenta previa when the placenta covered the cervix and prevented spontaneous delivery.

New dad Sid said: “It’s very dangerous, the placenta can erupt at any time, meaning the baby will die in seconds.

Sky is the first child of Ricky Butcher actor Sid

“Some people panicked and thought,’This baby has to come out.’ There seemed to be a lot of risk.”

Victoria added, “I was really upset. It was scary to think that if Sky burst, it would only take a few seconds to live, but at the same time, in case she couldn’t breathe, she I didn’t want to take her out right away, herself.

“But I’m glad I went to the hospital.

“If I were at home, I would have bleeding and probably died because I didn’t have time to transfuse and my baby couldn’t survive.

Victoria, who will be Sid Owen’s wife, admits the trials are “scary”

“I was a little shocked to agree with the idea of ​​surgery because I was anxious for natural childbirth. I had never given birth before.

“I was afraid to get hungry for a moment, but when the doctor talked about the urgency to take her out, it all went out of the window.”

Sid and Victoria had to wait 24 hours, and Victoria was monitored by doctors and nurses every hour.

Then, on Sunday morning, the doctor decided to perform an emergency caesarean section.

Sid Owen admitted that Victoria was “worried” about the idea that he could lose his womb.

“I was relieved that I was finally able to give birth to a baby, but I was worried about Victoria. I was told that I could bleed, lose my uterus, or even get worse,” Sid said. I revealed it.

He added: “It all suddenly became very stressful and touched, and she had to sign a consent form.

“We were worried when the doctor said she could lose her uterus.

“We already wanted more children.”

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Doctors then started steroid injections before starting surgery to encourage the baby to breathe, and the baby was born at 5 pounds and 5 ounces.

However, shortly after birth, Victoria began to bleed and she was given 2 liters of blood.

She recalled: “”

After the trials, the couple are now settling into family life.

“I couldn’t thank the NHS staff enough. They were great and everyone was kept safe,” Sid said.

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EastEnders' Sid Owen recalls how his fiancé Victoria died during the birth of his daughter.

Source link EastEnders' Sid Owen recalls how his fiancé Victoria died during the birth of his daughter.

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