EastEnders Samantha Womack refuses to return to soap after TV “fallout”

former Eastenders Star Samantha Womack She refused to go back to BBC soaps and other soaps because she admitted that she was always falling with people and doing “set bust-ups”.

Instead, the 49-year-old chose to focus her career on working in the theater instead.

Sam, who played Roxy Mitchell’s (Rita Simons) sister Ronnie Mitchell, is Wolford’s icon and the character died in a dramatic drowning scene with Roxy on the 2017 wedding day. Sometimes there was the most impressive way to get out of the soap.

The pair left the soap together while it fits snugly- Audition scene with a duo recently released online -After Sam spent 10 years at Albert Square, many fans are still disappointed with their premature exit to today.

Samantha Womack played Ronnie Mitchell for 10 years with her on-screen sister Roxy, played by Rita Simons.

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In a new interview, the actress revealed that working in the theater was “much better” for her.

She started: “I now prefer a theater actress to Terry.

“It suits me very well in so many ways-it’s time at first. I’m the worst in the morning, I can’t work.”

Samantha also said that people think it’s either morning or night, revealing that it feels much easier to stay up until 4 or 5 am.

Ronnie Mitchell was an iconic character in EastEnders

Unfortunately, Thorpe Star needs to “wake up at 5 o’clock”, so it’s a struggle for her body clock and routine.

But the main reason the actress has moved out of the television world is that she can’t accept anyone else who controls her character.

“I always fall with everyone on TV,” she explained. Daily star. “Someone is always telling you what to do with your character. I’m really frustrated, arguing and getting fired.”

Samantha Womack is currently focusing on her theatrical career

Samantha added that he did not want to return to EastEnders when asked. Even though she said earlier she would consider it.

Ronnie has died, but it’s also because his desire for a career has changed as he gets older.

“No, I’m dead! But I don’t want-as I get older, I need something that gives me more creative control,” she said.

“And theater does that. In your twenties, you’re just grateful, but now I really like my work and lose control over how the story is told. I hate.”

EastEnders will continue on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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EastEnders Samantha Womack refuses to return to soap after TV "fallout"

Source link EastEnders Samantha Womack refuses to return to soap after TV "fallout"

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