EastEnders’ Rita Simons “wants to hurt themselves” with depression during divorce

previous Eastenders Star Rita Simmons It details her falling into “deep depression” following the collapse of her 14-year marriage.

44-year-old she was two years away from cosmetologist Theosil Beston Before the pair, 15-year-old sharing Maya with her twin daughter JamieOfficially divorced in 2020.

And Thorpestar explained that her mental health changed after the division and she was a “transplanter” and had to be forced to “go out there” to work.

However, despite her efforts to stay focused on her career, the actress said she had reached a “crisis situation” while touring at Cold Hill’s Cold House in 2019. I admitted.

Former EastEnders star Rita Simons details her “deep depression” after a 14-year marriage collapse.

Rita and Theosil Beston officially divorced in 2020

“The set I went up to the stage had some fairly high stairs at the top,” she told Sun.

“And I just thought I could calm myself. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to hurt myself enough to go to the hospital and have someone take care of me. It was scary. rice field.

“I had my anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but at the heart of it all had a really sad divorce.”

Rita, who played Roxy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera, added to the publication that she is still a good friend of her ex-husband Theo, despite the “cold and clinical” divorce.

When splitRita’s agent said Daily star: “Rita and Theo have been separated for almost two years, and Theo left his parents’ house a while ago.

Rita said she reached a “crisis situation” in 2019, despite her efforts to stay focused on her career.

“They have now confirmed their divorce and are friendly and co-parenting their two daughters.”

“The split was a big change for Rita, but she knows it’s the right decision,” said the insider.

last year, Rita was in a “dark place” and felt “properly broken” and opened her heart. In a divorce with Theo.

She explained about the split understood! As “one of the worst times” of her life.

Rita has now moved with her legal blonde co-star Ben Harlow

Rita is now I found love with her legal blonde co-star Ben Harlow.. They met in 2017 and started dating in 2020.

Rita joined EastEnders in 2007 and starred with Samantha Januk’s character Ronnie for 10 years.

The boss decided to kill the character in 2017, and Rita then starred in a series of stages, including playing Carohar Court at Coldhill’s house and playing Miss Hedge in everyone’s story about Jamie.

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EastEnders' Rita Simons "wants to hurt themselves" with depression during divorce

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