EastEnders Louisa Lytton candid about the pressure to “feel happy” about pregnancy

She will give birth to her first baby in September with her fiancé Ben Bambra.

And now, 32-year-old Louisa Lytton is frank about the pressure to “feel happy every day and have no negative thoughts” about her pregnancy.

NS Eastenders The actress admitted that she had once shouted to her fiancée throughout her pregnancy and said, “I hate my body and don’t like what’s going on!”

The truth: Louisa Lytton, 32, has become frank about the pressure to “feel happy every day and have no negative thoughts” about her pregnancy.

and, Made by Mamma Podcast, Luisa explained: You’re pregnant, so everyone around you feels this is the best news possible.

“Because this is what you wanted, don’t feel happy and have negative thoughts every day, and in my head I thought this wasn’t right.”

“I’m very happy because I’m pregnant, but very unhappy in many other ways. I was ill at first, but I couldn’t control the fact that my body was changing and I didn’t have energy. Usually I am a really energetic person.

“I was anxious for really terrible food, and I really don’t eat that way. You’re almost afraid to talk to anyone around you.

Emotional: The actress admitted that she cried to her fiancé and told him: “I hate my body and I don’t like what’s going on!” (At EastEnders in March) Photo)

“My mom said,’You’re pregnant, of course, so I’m going to gain weight.'” And to my friend who hadn’t experienced it, I was terrified of being negative about the fact that I was pregnant when some people were trying.

“It’s kind of isolated and pretty lonely. There were days when I was at home crying,” I hate my body and don’t like what’s going on. “

“If it makes sense, is it like your brain isn’t connected to what’s happening yet?”

Soapster, now 34 weeks old, said:

“I was very lucky. There were no complications. There was really no problem. But .. it’s really, really hard.

Actress: A pregnant EastEnders star plays Ruby Allen on BBC One soap, but said she couldn’t imagine rushing back to Albert Square when her little kid arrived (2018). Year photo)

“Now I’m just in the final stages of it:” I’m about to come. Come to the baby! “I’m willing to come early.

“Can my partner stop with this? Do you keep saying” I’ll be here next week “?

Luisa discussed how she felt about childbirth and admitted that she was too busy to think about it until she was on maternity leave.

She said:’I’m not really thinking about what’s happening to me. “Suddenly, I’m out of work and I’ve always had it, and I’m mentally driving myself to work.

“The moment I got pregnant, I was like,” I can do this. I was made to do this. ” I took a hypnosis course. I was relaxed all the time.

“Now I’m back again. I think it’s because I know it’s coming, and it’s coming soon. I’m worried that the baby is back to back at this point.

“It’s pretty big. I’m curious because it’s pretty big on the chart. So I need it to happen right away. So I can stop astonishing myself about that. ”

Future Mother: She will give birth to her first baby in September with her fiancé Ben Bambra

Louise and Ben talked about how they discovered what they were expecting on Christmas day and revealed happy news to their families on New Year’s Eve.

The couple decided not to check the sex of the baby. Because it wants to give more incentives to empower through labor.

Luisa also admits that once her first child is born, she doesn’t think she’s in a hurry to get back to work because she’s revealed her plans to stay home for a year.

Pregnant Eastenders Star plays Ruby Allen BBC It’s just one piece of soap, but I can’t imagine rushing back to Albert Square when a little soap arrives.

She said:’I’m at home, my mom. I’m doing what I wanted to do the most in my life, so I don’t think I’ll be back to work in a hurry. “

but, The actress admitted that she could still return before the break of her planned year,dding:’But at the same time, I don’t know-because it’s me. So is there a moment when “I need to get myself back a little more”?

“I’m going to stay home, give me a year that I’m not working. But if I decide to go back before or after, we’ll solve it from there.”

Over the weekend, Luisa went to Instagram and shared a photo of herself and her fiancé doing DIY.

When Ben painted the nursery in a subdued white shade, she flashed the bumps of a fast-growing baby.

At the beginning of his month, Luisa revealed that she was struggling both mentally and physically in the early stages of her pregnancy.

The actress said mirror:’Caution was needed for the first 12 weeks. It was a whirlwind of anxiety, panic, and illness.

“I was sick in the morning and had nausea all day long. The only thing I could do to stop feeling sick was to eat!”

Nursery Pending: When fiancé Ben painted the nursery, Luisa glimpsed a baby bump on Instagram over the weekend.

Thorpestar also talked about her decision to cancel her wedding with her fiancé Ben, citing the pandemic and her pregnancy as a factor.

She said:’We have now canceled the wedding altogether. We decided to throw everything away and start over from the plan.

“We give birth to a baby, focus on it, and get married when we’re ready.”

She explained: “I had already postponed it twice by then, so I didn’t want to postpone having a child anymore.

“I always wanted to get married first before giving birth because of tradition, but sometimes things get out of your hands.”

Happy Couple: Luisa recently decided to cancel her wedding with her fiancé Ben due to a pandemic and pregnancy.The pair revealed in March what they were expecting

Talk to all right!magazine In May, Luisa said she was waiting until she was “ready” because the pandemic had forced them to cancel the ceremony twice.

Earlier this month, after planning a “special” baby shower, Luisa thanked her mother, Jane, and wrote on Instagram: I am very proud of you. “

Besides being treated with a giant cake and some balloons, Luisa’s childhood companion serenade her in an emotional moment.

She wrote in the Instagram story: My childhood best friend singing for me and my baby. Hearing them sing together makes me more proud than they ever know. “

Thanks: Earlier this month, Luisa thanked her mother, Jane, after organizing her “special” baby shower.

Luisa took a surprise baby shower in June, after which she admitted that she wanted to be “less nervous” about the opportunity.

She said then:’This day isn’t over yet. I was very nervous about the “baby shower”. The idea was very overwhelming. I celebrated before it arrived and declined the gift. “I wanted to meet my friends”

Instead. Well, I wish I hadn’t built it that much. It was perfect. Every girl came and made every effort to remind me how lucky the bump was. Moms throwing baby showers with 30 family and friends in July, this time we’ll do it (sic) “

EastEnders Louisa Lytton candid about the pressure to “feel happy” about pregnancy

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