EastEnders legend Nic Berry can’t be recognized as a dad who has been at home for years

He was once one of Britain’s biggest soap stars-playing Eastenders Before moving to ITV’s Heartbeat, he inspired Simonwicks with BBC Soap in the 1980s.

But 31 years after spending time at Soapland, actor Nick Berry appears unrecognizable.

The actor played the very popular character Wicky in the long-standing BBC Thorpe from 1985 to 1990. After that, he played PC Nick Rowan in the 1950s set hit ITV drama Heartbeat from 1992 to 1998.

And while it may have slipped your mind, Nick also has a pop career. His single Every Loser Wins set the UK’s largest sales record in 1986 and released the single Heartbeat in 1992.

Nick returned to the BBC in 1999 to star in Harbor Lights and Indeep, but in 2003 he stopped acting to become a stay-at-home husband for his two sons, Louis and Finley.

Nic Berry shopped in 2021

After leaving soap 31 years ago, the legend of EastEnders seems unrecognizable
Heartbeat nick berry

In the 18 years since he last appeared on our TV screen, Nick has changed dramatically.

Now, a white-haired and beard-bearded actor has been found wearing a yellow down jacket and aviator sunglasses on a local high street. As he walks in the winter sun, Nick seems to bring back a loaf of bread.

Nick’s time Eastenders Not forgotten. Famous for playing the character Ricky Butcher, Sid Owen mentions Nick in his recent autobiography, Rags to Riches.

Sid writes: again.

Nic Berry originally played Simon Wicks in EastEnders
Nick Berry first played EastEnders’ Simonwicks between 1985 and 1990.

“Nick was once really obsessed with classic cars. When he first appeared on the gleaming Jaguar E-Type outside the squat, he’ll never forget that he was ready to drive me to work.

“He was a big star and a good household name. When he arrived at the studio gate, a lot of fans were waiting.”

Sid continued to explain the scene, “Screaming as soon as they found him:’Wicky!'” Nick! “

“‘I love you, Nick!’ The car went wild. A screaming girl waving a banner and begging for an autograph.” Nick does not regret his decision to stop his acting career. In 2011 he told the Daily Mail:

“I always said that when a boy was a teenager, he could go back, but the longer he spends doing nothing, the harder it is to do it. I never miss it. I don’t say, I’m really happy as I am now. “

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EastEnders legend Nic Berry can't be recognized as a dad who has been at home for years

Source link EastEnders legend Nic Berry can't be recognized as a dad who has been at home for years

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