EastEnders cat slater star Jessie Wallace wears slippers for shopping trip

Jesse Wallace While shopping in London, she traded her iconic leopard print jacket, made famous by Kat Slater, for a more delicate look.

The 50-year-old Thorpe Star walked in very comfortable slippers, a giant lilac scarf, black jumpers and trousers.

The actress completed her casual outfit with flashy sunglasses.

Eastenders Fans are accustomed to seeing Jesse’s fiery character snuggling up to Phil Mitchell and looking gorgeous. So this was a rare sighting that Jesse dressed up.

Since 2000, the actress has appeared in Hit Soap and won the hearts of the public with a cat-on-off relationship with Alfie Moon, played by fellow Soap Icon. Shane Richie..

EastEnders stars wore slippers for casual shopping trips

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For 21 years at Albert Square, Jesse has starred in some of the BBC’s notorious legendary stories.

From the infamous revelation that Zoe Slater was her daughter, the storyline of a fierce baby exchange with Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack), Kat often surprises viewers.

This more casual look comes after the actress is discovered Attend with the appearance of a rare pre-red carpet Amy Winehouse Beyond The Stage exhibition last November.

Then she adorned the red carpet and posed for a photo in another black ensemble.

Jesse Wallace has played the legendary character Catslater since 2000

Jesse has a unique style and has a big spiritual tattoo A reindeer standing in the wings of a bird in the middle of its back.

Above the reindeer on Jesse’s back is a pattern of pagan symbols of the crescent moon, which increases and decreases in a circular motion.

According to the website Ancient Symbols, the Triple Moon symbol is “a popular pagan and symbol of Wicca sued to represent the goddess.”

Fans will usually see Jesse wearing a leopard print and red lipstick.

“The icon of the Triple Goddess, also known as the symbol of the Triple Goddess, is often found on the crowns and helmets worn by the High Priestess,” he added.

You never think the stars had such ink, as she replaced the high heels with comfortable slippers. Her tattoos also “represent the maiden, symbolizing purity, youth, new life, beginning, rejuvenation, excitement, fascination, and expansion.”

Her ink artwork is associated with the strong emotional personality of her character, and her full moon design “represents the mother, fulfillment, fertility, maturity, potency, compassion, giving, compassion, It represents nurturing, protection and power. ”

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EastEnders cat slater star Jessie Wallace wears slippers for shopping trip

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