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Earth Hymns Translated into Over 70 Languages

Antananarivo [Madagascar], April 23 (ANI): Earth Anthem, written by Indian poet diplomat Abhay Kumar during the 51st Earth Hymn, is Sanskrit, Gujarati, Magahi, Maithili, Marathi, Missing. Has been translated into many new languages, including Kokubara. Rajasthani, especially Armenian.

It was also created in sign language and has become more widely available around the world.

On this occasion, more than 100 prominent poets, musicians, actors, singers, artists, professors, and people from different disciplines on the planet will celebrate and express the beauty and diversity of life on the planet. , I read and recorded Earth Hymns in various languages. Their concerns about climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.

Recordings of their readings are available on Kavishala, a global poetry platform.

Participants include Ramon Magsaysay Award-winning Ramon Magsaysay Award-winning Ramon Magsaysay, actress Manisha Koirala, British poet Ruth Padel, known for advocating for environmental causes, and wildlife conservation activists. , Shaheen Nilofar, UNICEF Representative Eritria, Schmonaikbal, High Commissioner from Bangladesh to Brunei, Tanzanian poet Charlotte Hill O’Neill, famous Brazilian artist Maria Helena Andres, Monica Rodriguez, Chinese-American actor Robert Lynn, Palmer of Fraser Valley University in Canada, a female group of the eco-feminist movement in Cabo Verde, led by Professor Pravajot, and Japanese singer Namata Memiho.

Abhay K. first wrote the Earth Anthem when posted to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2008, and since then has been translated into more than 70 global languages ​​and read around the world to celebrate Earth Day and World Environment Day. It is being played.

The Earth Hymn calls for unity among all species, and all people and all nations, to combat the triple crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution. It seeks to overcome our differences and unite to save our planet for future generations. (ANI)

Earth Hymns Translated into Over 70 Languages

SourceEarth Hymns Translated into Over 70 Languages

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