Eamonn Holmes “Leave this morning in 15 years” As a presenter “Participate in rival GB News”

Amon Homes I made a big decision to leave this morning Instead, ITV moves on to GB News.

The fledgling channel debuted a few months ago and was called the “non-awakening” alternative news channel such as the BBC and ITV.

But when Scottish host Andrew Neil decided to resign and has been downgrading ever since, it quickly ran into problems.

Emon, who was always giving a presentation with his wife, Ruth Langsford, this morning and recently talked about him. “Worried” he will be “cancelled or fired”Was removed from the usual presentation slot at the summer Friday show and instead favored a new start with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary.

Amon Holmes reportedly departs this morning for a show on GB News 15 years later

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Both couples were 61 years old and still had a contract to fill out on certain days, but Eamonn seems to have decided to take on a whole new challenge.

According to the report from mirrorAccording to one source, Emon will be “missing” this morning, but that’s the “right time.”

“Eamon’s move to GB News marks the end of the era,” the insider told the publication.

“He will be overlooked by many ITV viewers, but the truth is that this job probably came at the right time for both him and ITV.”

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford at the National Television Awards 2021 before Eamonn signed with Covid

Amon Homes has been on the channel for over 10 years

“All the good things are coming to an end,” a source added.

all right! I contacted the representatives of Amon Holmes and ITV.

Fifteen years after the popular ITV daytime show, presenter movements will also impact Ruth’s career.

Eamonn and Ruth have established a solid position in This Morning for many years.

According to The Mirror, she is unlikely to “stay on the show” without her husband, but as a panelist for Loose Women, she is expected to “continue as a regular” at regular lunchtime.

When GB News was first launched in June, Eamonn said the channel wanted to get a “decent chance” and British viewers shouted “confusion at the forefront of the news.” Insisted that he was.

“I have a lot of respect for the news on television, but it’s a reminder that it’s not just Westminster and the agenda that’s always awakened,” the presenter added at the time.

This morning at ITV will continue at 10am on weekdays.

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Eamonn Holmes "Leave this morning in 15 years" As a presenter "Participate in rival GB News"

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