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E3 Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action June 2022


France, Germany և The United Kingdom would like to thank Director-General Grossi for his recent report on GOV / 2022/24 and Deputy Director-General Aparo for his technical briefing. We welcome the Agency for reporting on Iran’s commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, despite restrictions on its monitoring and monitoring activities in Iran.

We are deeply concerned about the continuing nuclear progress that the Director-General notes in his report. As a result of Iran’s nuclear program, which has been in violation of the MAP for more than three years, its nuclear program is now more advanced than at any time in the past. This threatens international security; it risks undermining the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

The alarming accumulation of enriched material, in particular up to 60% enriched uranium and up to 20% enriched uranium, is a matter of great concern. It further reduces the time it takes for Iran to acquire its first nuclear weapon, which creates distrust in Iran’s intentions. Some of these resources have been turned into enriched targets և irradiated, making it more difficult to return to JCPoA. None of these actions in Iran have a credible civil justification.

Iran’s nuclear advances are not only dangerous, illegal, but also jeopardize the deal we have worked so hard to work together to restore the MAP. Continued research լայն Continued research լայն Extensive use of advanced centrifuges are constantly improving Iran’s enrichment potential. Iran is now enriching with more than 2,000 powerful advanced centrifuges that can enrich many times faster than the model approved by the JCPOA. The more Iran progresses and accumulates knowledge with irreversible consequences, the more difficult it will be to return to the MAP.

This refers to the research and development activities of uranium metal production, which is a key step in the development of nuclear weapons. It is possible that Iran will not resume this activity or start any further work, particularly in connection with the conversion of UF6 to UF4, which not all in Iran have a credible civil justification for. Advances in this area will very quickly upset the balance of the deal we have finalized in Vienna.

The IAEA has been without access to data on the production of centrifuges and components for a year and a half now, as Iran has suspended monitoring of the JCPOA and suspended the application of the Additional Protocol. This means that neither the agency nor the international community knows how many centrifuges Iran has in its inventory, how many have been built, where they can be located, at the very moment when it is expanding its program, the production of components and the collection of centrifuges. abilities. It is very clear that the agency’s monitoring and monitoring activities related to the JCPoA were seriously affected by Iran’s decision to suspend its obligations. This raises the question of whether the Agency will be able to restore knowledge continuity in the future, given the time that has elapsed since Iran began taking these steps.

Regarding the review, we remind you that again during this reporting period, Iran also did not apply the Amended Code of Assistance Agreements to the Iran Guarantee Agreement 3.1. The IAEA clearly states that the application of Article 3.1 of the Amended Code is a legal requirement of the Iran Guarantee Agreement, և Iran can not unilaterally amend or withdraw from it. We strongly urge Iran to return to its legal obligation to implement the Code.


E3 / EU + 3 has been in intensive negotiations with Iran since April 2021 to restore the MAP. E3 spared no effort: և When we left Vienna three months ago, we had a viable deal on the table that would return Iran to fulfilling its JCPoA obligations and the United States to a deal. We regret that Iran has not yet used the diplomatic opportunity to sign the deal.

We have always been clear that our priority has been to restore the MAP. Similarly, we have made it clear that the deal cannot be left on the table indefinitely, precisely because Iran continues to advance its nuclear capabilities, undermining the benefits of the non-proliferation agreement, and consequently the possibility of reaching a deal. We strongly urge Iran to stop expanding its nuclear program and to conclude the deal immediately. This will also allow the Agency to resume full scrutiny and monitoring, begin to restore its continuity of knowledge about the project, and provide assurances to the international community that it is exclusively peaceful.


We applaud the IAEA for its objective and thorough reporting, as well as for the strict and impartial implementation of its mandate by the UN Security Council. We encourage the Director-General to keep the Board informed of the progress of monitoring and inspection in Iran in all its aspects. We welcome the release of the Agency’s latest quarterly report on monitoring and inspections in Iran.

Thank you.

E3 Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action June 2022

SourceE3 Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action June 2022

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