Dynamic Infrastructures Can Improve Security and Productivity

With cybercrimes increasing by the day, a dynamic infrastructure will be quite effective in protecting your business and personal data. That’s why companies are looking for dynamic infrastructures to protect their businesses and valuable data from the rising ransomware attacks. Fortunately, even casino operators dishing out offers like the Energy Casino Promo Code understand the importance of cybersecurity to protect their customers’ data. Once you complete your login, you can start browsing this brand’s game library safely.

Recently, the white house advised business executives to improve their security protocols in light of the increasing cyberattacks in the US. According to deputy national security adviser on emerging tech Anne Neuberger, cyberattacks are increasingly getting serious and businesses must take the necessary steps to protect their organizations and the Americans. Microsoft’s partner technology strategist David O’Keefe also spoke on the massive amount of data that the company synthesizes, looking at what’s happening at the endpoint where these attacks happen.

Microsoft Is Helping Customers and Vendors Beef their Security Measures

According to O’Keefe, Microsoft operates 200+ global cloud commercial and consumer services, including outlook.com, Office 365, Xbox Live, and Azure. All these services have a huge amount of data that the company must defend. O’Keefe also revealed that Microsoft has always been passionate about the importance of cybersecurity, especially with businesses having to rely more on technology today thanks to social distancing measures. That has pushed the company to emerge as a security platform.

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled that their security business exceeded $10 billion last year, but O’Keefe revealed that they couldn’t do it alone. Besides their commitment to offering the best-in-class security products, Microsoft is also offering an open platform and is encouraging security vendors to use it and offer better protection and visibility to their joint customers.

As part of their effort, Microsoft established the Intelligence Security Association to allow collaboration with top security companies. The company launched the platform in April 2018 featuring 26 members and it had grown to 136 members by July 2020.

More Security Challenges Expected in the Future

While some cyberthreats have existed consistently over the years, things might have accelerated in recent years. According to Forrester’s 2021 report on security threats, the lockdown and the rise of digital interactions have increased account takeover and identity theft cases. Another report also indicates that almost 60% of data breaches over the last two years trace back to an application patch of a missing patch in the operating system.

These security vulnerabilities were highlighted amid stories of successful ransomware attacks that can be described as lucrative and effective to the perpetrators. This ransomware is used as an attacking strategy that targets an organization’s lifeblood – their data.

Automation and DevOps Increasing Productivity

With the increasing cases of cyber threats, security automation is a critical issue for many companies today. That’s because automating repeatable, human-driven processes allows workers to focus more on productive problem-solving issues in the organization. Focusing on these tasks will foster innovations and contribute to more robust organizations from a security perspective. DevOps is also important for cybersecurity, as it involves bringing together operations and development activities.

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