DWTS’s Tyra Banks, 48, says “my heart is full” because she can take off her swimsuit on her birthday and the star could lose her hosting job.

Tyra Banks shared a photo of her sexy swimsuit and a message about body positivity, celebrating her 48-year-old, ignoring the controversy over her job as a host of Dancing with the Stars.

The TV star, who turned into a model, posted a photo of himself posing in a small swimsuit with full cleavage and curves.


Tyra Banks celebrated her 48th birthday with a body positivity messageCredits: tirabanks / Instagram


A supermodel posing in a small swimsuit spews out changes in her bodyCredits: tirabanks / Instagram

She subtitled director: “It’s my birthday! And every year, this body of mine keeps changing. The body of my work and the body of my body keeps changing.

Tyra continued: “My body is richer, and so is my mind.

“Happy birthday to my fellow Sagittarius there. This is to grow together in one or more ways.”

Her post will be made after Sun exclusively reports that Tyra may not return to the ballroom next season with Dancing with the Stars.

According to the report, executives working on the show are looking for a new A-list celebrity to replace her.

This decision was prompted by a rating struggle.

Next step

One source told The Sun that Tyra would meet with executives in the New Year to “plan 2022.”

Insiders said certain members of the production staff weren’t sure if Tyra would return.

Many fans have expressed disgust with Tyra in that role.

The bosses of such networks are said to be focused on “signing at least one major star.”

By doing so, I hope fans will return to the competition series.

Insiders claimed that BBC Studio LA executives were looking for “at least one or ideally two major household names to attract fans.”

Their secret search is underway behind the scenes.

Network is afraid of this year’s talent Did not attract viewers The way they wanted.

One source said there was a “break” between the reaction of social media to participants and the size of TV viewers.

“The network sees ratings as the basis of its business, not page impressions,” the same source added.

Thira’s appearance at the show is unbalanced, but it’s not just her performance.

DWTS has not yet been updated in Season 31.

Model backlash

Fans aren’t kept secret about them Feelings for Tyra..

She first appeared on the show last season and was accused of jumping.

The fan called her “Push” Olivia Jade behind the scenes After she was eliminated.

They accused Olivia and Val Kmerkovsky of “shooting” behind the scenes after she suffered a shocking and devastating defeat.

Prior to the incident, Tyra was called after she embarrassed Suni Lee when she fled the stage to vomit after a performance.

Gymnast Hurry out of view of the camera Following a performance with partner Sasha Farbar.

Thira was left to answer the viewer about the incident and did nothing to prevent it.

She said at the time, “Suni doesn’t feel very good. Not Covid! Not Covid! But she feels sick and had to dance and leave because she was sick. But she’s okay!” ..

Suni later returned to the show stage for a relay dance.

At that point, Tyra decided to focus on what happened.

She said: “Suni, I have to ask you. I know you’re having a hard time all day, and it’s like you’re spitting. This is a live broadcast. On TV, you ran away! “

Fans criticized Suni for repeatedly pointing out to him that she was ill.

The teen blushed and quietly received Tyra’s comments.

At the finale, Tyra was blamed “It takes too long” to announce the winner Iman Shumpert.


Thira seemed to ignore uncertainty about her future as a host of Dancing with the Stars.Credit: Getty


Source claims she may go out next seasonCredit: Getty


Although the show hasn’t been updated yet for the 31st season at ABCCredit: Getty
DWTS host Tyra Banks “takes too long” to announce the winner as Iman Shumpert’s reaction is “cut off” at the finale.

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DWTS’s Tyra Banks, 48, says “my heart is full” because she can take off her swimsuit on her birthday and the star could lose her hosting job.

Source link DWTS’s Tyra Banks, 48, says “my heart is full” because she can take off her swimsuit on her birthday and the star could lose her hosting job.

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