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Dutch government does not extend COVID-19 restrictions

The Hague, February 2 (Xinhua)-The Dutch government announced on Tuesday plans to extend most COVID-19 restrictions to March under the current blockade, although elementary schools will reopen on February 8. ..

“The third wave seems inevitable on our way to us,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at a press conference here.

The number of infections is declining, but the rate of infection by the first new variant discovered in the UK is increasing. “Therefore, it is inevitable to extend the current blockade until March 2,” he said.

As announced on Sunday, primary schools, day care centers and special primary education will be closed on 16 December and then resumed on 8 February. Secondary education will remain closed until at least March.

Non-required shops will also remain closed, but a minor change in blockade rules will allow the shop to open from February 10th to collect orders outside the shop.

With a weekly update, at the beginning of Tuesday, the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) reported that the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 infections in the country increased from 35,635 (January 20-26) to 28,628 (January). Reported a decrease. February 27-February 2).

“The reported reductions are the result of measures announced on December 15, 2020,” RIVM said. “Without the new coronavirus mutants arriving in the Netherlands, the numbers are expected to decline further.”

“In summary, without the more contagious variants, the situation is going in the right direction,” he said, and now two-thirds of all new infections are associated with the variants found in the UK. He added that the fact that he was doing was confusing. Plans and measures can only be mitigated with the utmost care. “

The government has not yet decided to extend the curfew. This measure will take effect on January 23rd and will expire on February 10th, but may be extended.

Vaccination with the already approved coronavirus vaccine is underway in some countries as the world struggles to contain the pandemic.

Meanwhile, according to information released by the World Health Organization on January 29, 237 candidate vaccines are still under development worldwide, 63 of which are in clinical trials. Developed in countries such as Germany, China, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Dutch government does not extend COVID-19 restrictions

SourceDutch government does not extend COVID-19 restrictions

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