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Duran Duran does not have to have a real party to commemorate the 40th anniversary. “I think this. I think we’re in it,” says frontman Simon Le Bon. Durand’s 40th Durand is a new album, the 15th. The venue is still sold out and they are still here, together and making music.

“I think coming here 40 years later actually feels like a miracle,” says drummer Roger Taylor. “When you were young, I’m sure I wasn’t looking too far. I’m probably looking a week ahead when I was 19.”

At the time, in the early 1980s, he added, “in a couple of years, it really worked.” “So it feels unusual, it really does.”

Duran Duran (LR): Roger Taylor, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes.Photo: Tape Modern / BMG Rights Management

Enjoy the fact that Le Bon and Taylor are sitting next to each other in a studio in southwest London on a sunny October afternoon, a few days before the release of album number 15, FUTURE PAST, and the interview time is equal to catch-up. increase. ..

More than 40 years have passed since Duran Duran was first formed, but 2021 is the 40th anniversary of their first single, Planet Earth, and their debut album. It was the beginning of the pop star’s existence that gave them tremendous fame. Number one, World Tour, Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello, Blitz, and even Hollywood stars, and screaming fans who have followed every move.

The band’s members have changed over the years, but 2021 Duran Duran (Lubon, Taylor, keyboard player Nick Rhodes, bassist John Taylor) left the band twice from the 1981 lineup. I’m losing Andy Taylor. (None of Taylor is involved).

For the band of the 1980s, known as the cute boys of pop, they certainly kept a distance because they remembered perhaps the most affectionately of dancing on a yacht in a Rio video. With an estimated 100 million records sold, it is one of the most successful bands in the world.

Taylor mentions the Rolling Stones when considering a band that has lasted for decades, but Mick Jagger and his co-owners had long downtime. The six years between Future Past and Duran Duran’s last album, Paper Gods in 2015, is the longest they’ve ever done between records. Without the COVID-19 pandemic, the gap would have been much shorter. In the music industry, such longevity is virtually unprecedented.

“We didn’t quit our job and music production,” says Lubon. “That’s how we became part of it. For 40 years, we can’t stand on top of the mountain, but we can tolerate it to some extent, either in the middle or near the bottom. As long as you’re in it. , As long as you are part of the wallpaper. “

Duran Duran was filmed in 1981.Photo: Andrechi Rag / Shutterstock August 1981
A band drawn in 1981 with former guitarist Andy Taylor.Photo: Andre Chirag / Shutterstock August 1981
Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon Fondue Land duran were filmed in 1989. Photo: Rudi Keuntje / Geisler-Fotopress / picture-alliance / dpa / AP Images
Rhodes and Lubon photographed in 1989. Photo: Rudi Keuntje / Geisler-Fotopress / picture-alliance / dpa / AP Images

The band hasn’t marked a milestone year at the actual party, but the celebration goes in the form of a single ANNIVERSARY (album titles and singles are all uppercase), and a video featuring a wealth of celebrity caricatures from Elton. From John and Dolly Parton to Lady Gaga and Posh Spice. It was a “dream” guest list, Taylor says.

“Like every Duran Duran party, we invite everyone,” says Lebon. He grins. You’ll hear someone say, “I’m worried I won’t go tonight because Megan broke my ankle and Harry caught a cold.” Still, they got the Queen. etc. “There was one thing I actually looked down on, and I thought it wasn’t the real Jennifer Lopez. It’s very convincing.”

As Taylor says, it’s a very different concept from the video of INVISIBLE, the first single on the album, completely created by AI, a “kind of alien creature” called Huxley. “I have to say that the image was astounding. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was really impressed. We always tried to push the boundaries, but that’s really … different. I think it’s at the level of. “

Duran Duran used AI to create a new music video, Invisible.Photo: Tape Modern / BMG Rights Management
The band used the AI ​​”Huxley” to create a video of INVISIBLE, the first single on their latest album.Photo: Tape Modern / BMG Rights Management

From early music pioneers to AI video, Duran Duran, known for his innovations, has gone beyond the stage of worrying about embracing their roots. Both Le Bon and Taylor emphasize that they are bands that are always focused on the future and new things, but they are aware of how they got here.

It was Mark Ronson who worked with me several times in the last decade or so. It helped them re-accept the 80’s after they were reluctant.

“”[He] The first thing I said is what do you know? Everyone is trying to sound like you, but why not sound a little more like yourself? “I think we’ve been on a little self-accepting journey in the last few years,” says Taylor.

“Every time I go on stage, I play Rio and I play Hungry Like the Wolf, otherwise I play those songs because I know the audience won’t be happy. “Le Bon says. “So we have to either love or hate them, and if you love them it’s much better, it makes your life much happier.”

The audience when they started was mostly young women, but the typical Duran Duran crowd changed over the years. “Now, a lot of men are coming to the show and a lot of young people,” says Taylor. “I think it’s a true full audience and much easier to handle and play.”

Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon will perform at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas in October 2021. Photo: Jack Planket / Invision / AP
Still Wild Boys, but smarter: Lubon on stage in Texas in October 2021. Photo: Jack Planket / Invision / AP

Today, life in general is very different. “It’s easier to book at your favorite restaurant,” says Lubon. “Obviously, we did the job and were well compensated for it. This eases many aspects of our lives, and we now have families.

“We were completely free and we were able to go on a tour for six months when our own agent started. The tour became a record, a video shoot, a photo shoot, another As you know, these things happened before. Now, in reality, the situation is a little more measured and a little smarter. “

“We can now walk down the street, it’s really, really good,” says Taylor. “As you know, there was a point in fame that I thought I couldn’t walk. [here] 5 minutes from home … “

“You could only run,” Le Bon interrupts. “Because the whole school runs behind you.” The singer is laughing, but he must have been really scared at times, even though he is considered a par on a celebrity course.

“”It’s weird because you grew up free and suddenly-and for us it was very sudden-we rushed into the public domain and felt like everyone knew us. .. You walk down the street, people greet you, and you think of yourself, do I know that person? And you have to remind yourself, he just greeted me because he saw me at Top of the Pops. “

Duran Duran’s 15th album, FUTURE PAST, has been released

Duran Duran 40: Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor embrace the 1980s, dream of a guest list and are no longer mob | Ent & Arts News

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