Druva Delivers First Cloud Data Protection for Nutanix Workloads Industry –

Druva Delivers Industry First Cloud Data Protection for Nutanix Workloads

With Nutanix Ready Certification, Druva Brings Nutanix Customers a New Level of Simplicity for Ransomware Recovery, Stunning Backup and Disaster Recovery

Druva Inc. today introduced the first SaaS-scale data protection solution for the Nutanix HCI hybrid cloud solution. Adding Nutanix AHV support within the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides consistent protection for Nutanix key workloads across data centers, remote offices, and Nutanix Clusters on AWS. Recently recognized with Nutanix Ready certification, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides enterprise workload coverage through a secure, automated and simplified platform that requires no additional hardware or software.

As a leading multi-cloud architectural solution, Nutanix is ​​designed to help organizations accelerate their hybrid and multi-cloud journeys with confidence and speed. Legacy data protection cannot be matched by the simplicity, scale, and efficiency of Nutanix’s hybrid cloud infrastructure – reliance on in – premises hardware or secondary storage is complex and often involves significant administrative overheads and infrastructure costs it involves. As the leading cloud data protection solution, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is designed to help enterprises unlock the benefits of cloud. Customers can now protect Nutanix’s workloads by leveraging cloud virtualization centralized data protection across platforms, applications, and geographies.

“Security, data integration and cost are always the biggest concerns for IT leaders as they navigate the growing multi-cloud world,” said Anjan Srinivas, Vice President and General Manager of the product, Druva. “As application enterprises expand into hybrid, multi-cloud architecture, they need an innovative new approach to data protection that is as agile and flexible as their infrastructure. As the only SaaS-based solution with Nutanix support, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud offers Nutanix customers a new level of simplicity enhanced with ransomware recovery, cloud archiving, disaster recovery, and ultimately, data resilience, not on available with heritage solutions. ”

“The ultimate goal of the Nutanix Cloud Platform is to unify multi-cloud management, simplify application and data transfer, and help our customers unlock the benefits of the cloud,” said Amy Hansen, Global Director, Data Protection Alliances, Nutanix. “As enterprises shift workloads and leverage hybrid, multi-cloud strategies, centralizing data protection plays a critical role in their ongoing data security and business resilience. With increased support now available within the Druva Data Resilience Cloud, our customers have a great option to streamline data protection for their Nutanix workloads, as well as those of other enterprise workloads, within a single unified platform. ”

Nutanix customers can now experience the radical simplicity, speed, scale and flexibility of the cloud through Druva Data Resilience Cloud, including:

  • Image-based backup: Image-based backups of virtual machines reduce the complexity and manual overhead of maintaining and troubleshooting Guest OS through agent-based backups, and even helps protect Guest OS legacy data.
  • Support for the Prism Key Feature and the Prism Feature: Backup VMs from Prism Central or Prism Element and restore to any Prism deployment, including Nutanix Clusters on AWS.
  • Consistency of application: Druva leverages Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) for application – compatible shots of Nutanix AHV VMs.
  • Reduced cost with long term retention: Meet legal and compliance requirements by long-term data protection with automated storage stratification.
  • CloudCache: Maintain optional local backups for up to 30 days for more stringent RTO / RPO or industry – specific compliance requirements using Druva CloudCache – Druva’s secondary repository.

Druva Delivers First Cloud Data Protection for Nutanix Workloads Industry –

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