Drinkers warned to bring cash when the pub reopens, as landlords may have trouble paying cards outside

People who go to pubs are warned to bring cash when visiting locals next week. This is to avoid being confused by the rules that prohibit in-store payments.

The British pub will reopen on Monday, April 12th However, people are only allowed to serve and pay in the beer garden or terrace.

But industry bosses are concerned that rural pubs are suffering from poor broadband and mobile signals in their yard. The Daily Telegraph, Some pubs and bars are complaining to the minister as they cannot pay outdoors due to license restrictions.

The paper reported that the minister would attempt to change these rules at the last minute, as government guidelines prohibit pubs from paying indoors. Before April 12..

Notes seen on paper “Indoor payments are allowed, but only as a last resort, that is, if portable card payments or cash payments are not an option,” he said.

Drinkers are also advised to bring cash so that they can pay for food and drink outside.

British Beer and Pub Association said I It was a “welcome explanation”.

Leiobane, general manager and licensee of Blackhorse in Barnett, north of London, with a large beer garden, said the pub should be able to receive cash anyway.

Talk to I He states: “There’s a problem with Wi-Fi. Sometimes it goes down, but it’s always the most inconvenient, but it’s life and it’s the latest technology for you.

“When broadband wasn’t working, I sometimes had to stop by an automated teller machine and ask people if they could get me paid.

“Many older people have cash because they don’t use contactless payments, so pubs and restaurants need to and should be able to receive cash.”

Many venues have switched to card-only payments during pandemics for hygiene reasons.

When the pub reopens next Monday, There are some guidelines according to the rules of the government roadmap from the blockade.

People are allowed to visit as one household or follow six rules. This means you can visit with up to 5 other people.

You cannot sit in the store, order drinks or food at the bar, or pay. Only table service is allowed on the beer garden and restaurant terrace.

Guests can only be indoors when they arrive and take them to an outdoor table or use the toilet, but they should always wear a mask indoors. On arrival, everyone must check in to the NHS Test and Trace app, and you will not be able to check in once per group.

The previous 10 pm curfew and the requirement to serve “substantial” meals with alcohol have been abolished.

In other parts of the UK No official date in Wales has been given yet However, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will reopen on April 26th, but only for outdoor dining.

The final decision will be made by the Welsh Government in a review of the blockade rules on April 22nd.

In scotlandThe reopening date is April 26, but Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday that pub patrons would have to wait until April 20 for the final decision.

No date is given for the reopening of Northern Ireland pubs and restaurants.

Drinkers warned to bring cash when the pub reopens, as landlords may have trouble paying cards outside

Source link Drinkers warned to bring cash when the pub reopens, as landlords may have trouble paying cards outside

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