Dragon’s Den’s Steven Bartlett defends Molly May Hague after podcast comment

Stephen Bartlett Defended Molly May The Hague After a 22-year-old kid was repulsed by some of what she said in the CEO’s podcast diary.

Former Love Island star, her clip on the podcast became viral and she It is branded as “Tone Hearing Impaired”.

“You are given one life and it’s up to you to do it. You can literally go in any direction,” she said of BBC One, a businessman, entrepreneur and co-founder of the social chain. I told investor Stephen. Dragon’s Den.

Molly continues: “When I talked about it in the past, I was a little criticized. People say, and it’s not correct to say that we are all the same 24 hours a day.” … But technology In the end, what I’m saying is correct. To do.

Molly May has been criticized in a recent comment on a podcast interview

“We all understand that we all have different backgrounds, we grow up in different ways, and we have different economic conditions, but if we need something enough, we can achieve it. I think.

“It depends on the length you want to go to get to where you want to be in the future. And I go to any length.”

In the wake of her controversial comments, Stephen defended Molly May, suggesting that it was a “double standard.”

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He wrote on Twitter on Friday, January 7th:

“I had a male guest say what she said. Nobody cares. But when Molly said it, was she crucified? Crazy.”

He continued. “I was very aware of the double standards faced by successful women. When I interviewed a man, he could brag about money, fully trust his success, and talk about his car. Can? If I interview a successful woman, does she have to lean on her toes about her success and see her words? “

Dragon's Den's Steven Bartlett comes to defend Molly May
Dragon’s Den’s Steven Bartlett comes to defend Molly May

“Gender issues aside, the standard of understanding the world that we hold Molly May as 22 is absolutely exorbitant.

“She once said she didn’t like Italian food. It tended to be number one all day long, was written in every newspaper and had to make a public apology. 22.”

In response to the backlash she received, Molly official issued a statement The 22-year-old “does not comment on the lives or personal circumstances of others,” and “can only talk about her own experience,” they said.

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Dragon's Den's Steven Bartlett defends Molly May Hague after podcast comment

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