Dr. Zoe Williams is “approaching the idea” of giving birth to another baby after the birth of Lisbon’s son.

Dr. Zoe Williams Stuart, her partner, revealed that she and her partner, Stuart, are considering whether to give birth to another baby later. Welcome their adorable son Lisbon earlier this year.

this morning Star Zoe, 41, welcomed her adorable baby son Lisbon with her partner Stuart in June of this year.

However, the GP admits himself and Stuart is already discussing whether to give birth to another child.

Speak exclusively all right! Dr. Zoe, The person who recently held a sweet naming ceremony for his son Lisbon She revealed that she was warmed up by the idea of ​​welcoming another Tot to their chicks.

Dr. Zoe revealed that she and Stuart are thinking of giving birth to another baby after the birth of their son Lisbon.

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She states: “I’m 41 and Stuart is 40, so if we try and are lucky enough to give birth to another baby, that’s the moment we’re.

“I think it’s nice to have a brother in Lisbon and we have another baby. On the other hand, we feel very lucky with him. He feels so perfect. It’s a little dangerous.

“He’s sleeping, so it can happen twice. What’s the possibility?

“So we haven’t decided yet whether to challenge, and because of our age, it may not be that easy, so we mind I have it in the depths of. I understand. “

Dr. Zoe Williams and his partner Stuart welcomed their first child, Lisbon, together in June of this year.

Dr. Zoe Williams revealed that his son Lisbon was already sleeping all night and he wasn’t sure if his second child would do the same.

If she were to welcome another child into her family, Dr. Zoe would know a little more about what to expect a second time.

During a frank chat with all right!, Dr. Zoe became frank about the difficulty of becoming a mother – after a new study commissioned by Stokke We found that 71% of parents were hesitant to ask for help during the first few weeks of welcoming their baby.

When asked by all right! How she has found motherhood so far, GP has become frank as she revealed: “The best way I can find to explain it is to have a lot of it.

“It’s all a lot-a lot of joy, a lot of love, but a lot of challenges, a lot of responsibility.”

“Many” motherhoods recognized by GP

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This Morning doctor added: “The idea is that as soon as your baby comes out, this overwhelming affection will become your most prominent emotion and emotion.

“And I loved my baby more than anything else from the day he was born, but in reality there was something that overwhelmingly obscured that love. For me, responsibility, fear and anxiety. It was a real burden for me. It’s my responsibility not only to stay alive, but to do everything perfectly. If he cries, I have to go there within 3 seconds. “

She then admitted: “I find it really hard to relax.

“It’s awesome and I love it, but I think it was pretty overwhelming.”

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Dr. Zoe Williams is "approaching the idea" of giving birth to another baby after the birth of Lisbon's son.

Source link Dr. Zoe Williams is "approaching the idea" of giving birth to another baby after the birth of Lisbon's son.

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