Dr Range Singh shares warning after being robbed after British Awards night

Dr. Ranj has issued a warning to his followers after being robbed after leaving Brit awards on Tuesday night.

IN This morning The 42-year-old doctor attended the UK’s biggest music night at the O2 Arena and told his followers how he was robbed while trying to take a taxi home after heading to Soho.

In a text post shared on Instagram, Dr. Ranj said: “A little warning.”

“I had the BEST night last night. Unfortunately, on the way home from Soho, when I was going to take a taxi, a man approached me and robbed me. It all happened so fast and luckily I wasn’t hurt at all (although the ghetto stole my watch), but it could have been a lot worse.

“I was foolishly chasing him, but he escaped. Now I know it’s not a good idea, because sometimes these people will trap you. “

Dr Range shared a warning with his followers after being robbed, leaving the British in London

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The doctor then warned his followers to be careful when returning home in the evening, even if they thought they were in a safe area.

Ranj continued: “I wouldn’t say anything because I felt stupid and a little uncomfortable, but after talking to some friends, I thought it might be a reminder: please be careful when you go home at night, even in places that you think are safe. Watch out for each other peeking x ”.

Last night’s Brit Awards were eventful, I see Adele receiving three awards for her latest album 30new host of the show Moe Gilligan excavates Boris Johnson and the Partisan and Anne-Marie falls during her performance but continue as a “soldier.”

Dr Range issued a warning to his followers after being robbed in London

He also saw the show Adele sparked rumors of an engagement when he appeared on the red carpet, dressed in a massive diamond and Maya Jama writhed as co-host Mo grilled her for her engagement to NBA player Ben Simmons.

Dr. Range was at the event while sharing photos with some celebrities, including Strictly Come Dancing’s Graziano Di Prima and TV star Vic Hope.

The star greets GOOD! in his apartment in London in 2020 and talks about finding himself after he broke up with his wife in 2008.

Dr. Range poses with his British celebrity colleagues

Dr. Range appears this morning and also appears in Strictly in 2018

At the time, Ranj said, “I’m single and I’m actually quite happy unless someone comes and takes me off my feet. I just said spend your finger, but I meant sweep – that’s how many dating apps are embedded in us!

A few weeks ago, someone asked me, “Why are you single?” And they almost seemed to say, “What’s the matter with you? Is it six fingers? Extra nipple?”

“Being single can also be a choice. There’s so much pressure to be with someone, and then there’s apps and TV shows to connect with. Everything is great, but sometimes it’s good to be alone. You can’t be happy with someone else until you’re happy with yourself. “

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Dr Range Singh shares warning after being robbed after British Awards night

Source link Dr Range Singh shares warning after being robbed after British Awards night

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