Dr. Oz takes action and helps a man who collapsed at a caucuse while running for the US Senate

Dr. Mehmet Oz trying to exchange his gig for a US seat as a television doctor SenatePut his medical skills for use during an emergency at a political conference on Saturday morning.

While waiting for his turn to speak in Pennsylvania Republican At a caucuse just outside Pittsburgh, Dr. Oz took action to help the fallen man.

The victim was reportedly a member of a state committee who had a sudden seizure before losing consciousness. TMZ..

Emergency Medicine: Dr. Mehmet Oz, 61, rushed to help an unconscious man who collapsed at a caucuses outside Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. Drawn in 2020

Sources on the scene claimed that Oz was lined up to talk next when the man fell, and he immediately rushed in time to bring him down to the ground.

He also reportedly helped move the man to a flat surface outside the conference room shortly before another seizure-like episode occurred.

By the time EMS arrived on the scene, the man regained consciousness and began a conversation with the long-time host of the Dr. Oz Show, which took place over 13 seasons, before deciding to run for an elected position.

Rescuers immediately took the committee members to a local hospital.

Take action: Field sources told TMZ, perhaps when the man collapsed while suffering a seizure, Dr. Oz was next lined up to speak at a political conference, and he immediately called him. I hurried to get it down to the ground.The personality of television is portrayed at the campaign event on January 19, 2022.

According to these sources, Dr. Oz (born Mehmet Sengis Oz), 61, was able to go on stage for a planned appearance, and then a man who was listed in a stable condition at the time. I contacted.

TV personality is also a cardiothoracic surgeon and According to, he specializes in surgical procedures for the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs of the chest. Thoracic Surgeon Association..

“I was a doctor at first, and it always happens, so when a nearby man collapsed, I immediately responded to a call for help,” he told TMZ in connection with emergency medical care at the conference. rice field. Having lived a medical life, I was working until the EMS arrived and took him to a nearby hospital.

Dive into Politics: The organizer of a long daytime talk show ran for Republican Party in the 2022 U.S. Senate election in Pennsylvania and retired current Republican Senator Pat Toomey. increase.He will be seen in February 2021

In November of this year, Dr. Oz from Cleveland, Ohio, is an incumbent Republican U.S. Senator who runs for the U.S. Senate election in Pennsylvania in 2022 as a Republican and retires after a two- or six-year term. Announced to take over Pat Toomey. ..

As Oz jumps into the political arena, Pennsylvania television stations and surrounding states and markets west of Cleveland, Ohio, immediately remove programs from their schedules to continue to comply with the same time rules. I was forced to do that.

The show’s website has also been moved to drozshow, com, as Oz personally owns the doctoroz.com domain that was diverted for his campaign website.

After that, the production of the program was stopped, and the final episode was aired on Friday, January 14, 2022.

Production at the Talk Show has ended: With Dr. Oz’s move into politics, the surrounding states and markets west of Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio have scheduled Dr. Oz’s show to maintain compliance. Use the equal time rule that was forced to be deleted immediately. Aboriginal people in Ohio were filmed with Westmoreland County Controller Jeff Balzer during a campaign event in Greenberg, Pennsylvania on January 26, 2022.

Dr. Oz takes action and helps a man who collapsed at a caucuse while running for the US Senate

Source link Dr. Oz takes action and helps a man who collapsed at a caucuse while running for the US Senate

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