Dr. Emily Andrea calls her daughter “Mini-Me”. Because she shares rare photos.

Dr. Emily Andrea Her daughter Millie took her to Instagram to share a rare photo of 7.

The cute picture shows that Millie’s long hair is properly braided. At least hair! “

In Snap, the little girl wears a pink top with an avocado print, and her long brown hair is a neat fishtail braid.

Peter andreWife Emily, 32, has added a “My Mini” graphic to her snaps.

Emily and Peter, 48, who married in Devon in 2015, also have a five-year-old son, Theo.

Millie Andre’s Fishtail Blade Hair

Dr. Emily gave birth to Millie in 2014 and talked about how to do it It was hard to give birth to a baby when she was only 24 years old Training to become a doctor.

Speak in her all right! Column, Emily, spoke when Stacy Solomon said she felt “embarrassed” to have a child at the age of 17.

Emily said: You need to support a young mom. “

Emily Andrea is the mother of Millie (7 years old) and Theo (5 years old)

As a doctor, Emily has worked at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic.Talk to mirror, Emily describes this experience as follows: There were many additional challenges to address in the NHS.

“It was sometimes challenging, but just going home and spending time with my kids during my downtime, quitting work and not feeling too stressed at home I was able to do it. “

She also spoke openly about being the stepmother of her husband Peter’s two children, Junior and Princess, from her marriage to Katie Price.

Emily Andrea started to be a mom at the age of 24

Peter Andre is the father of juniors and princesses, as well as Millie and Theo, the children with Emily.

Talk to all right! , Emily said: It can be anything. We have a slightly different relationship, maybe that’s why they ask me about certain things.

“Also, in the work I do, I’ve always said that there’s nothing embarrassing to them, which always means they don’t feel embarrassed to say anything to me. I think you are doing it.

“They are both really communicative teenagers.”

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Dr. Emily Andrea calls her daughter "Mini-Me". Because she shares rare photos.

Source link Dr. Emily Andrea calls her daughter "Mini-Me". Because she shares rare photos.

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