Dr. Alex George touches on the message of Christmas day after the death of his brother

Dr. Alex George After the death of his brother Llŷr last year, he shared his support for “the one who lost his loved one” and shared a moving Christmas day message.

Llŷr was 19 years old He took his life in July 2020 And in his post, Dr. Alex said that Christmas is a fun time, but it can be difficult for those who are sad.

A post shared as a photo on Instagram says: It’s also a time to remind you of the vacant seats around the table.

Dr. Alex George frequently talks about mental health using his platform

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Dr. Alex, 30, continues: Thankfully, there are no memories, moments, or love we have for them.

“Let’s spend time with those who have lost their loved ones today.”

Fans quickly shared their support for the former Love Island star, and many posted their stories in the comments.

“I know how hard it is to lose someone because I was there, and it hurt,” wrote one Instagram user.

Dr. Alex’s brother took his life last year

Dr. Alex's emotional post caused hundreds of replies
Dr. Alex’s emotional post caused hundreds of replies

Another added: “In the first year without my father, he died after a brave battle with cancer. Sadly, we lost him on November 17th.

Dr. Alex, who made a name for himself in the 2018 Series of Love Island, has been using his platform to raise awareness of mental health issues since his brother’s tragic death.

He has also been appointed as a youth mental health ambassador and advises the government on how to help young people in distress.

Earlier this month, he launched the #PostYourPill campaign to encourage social media users to talk about the medications they are taking due to mental health problems.

Dr. Alex George shared a heartbreaking compliment to his brother Lira on the anniversary of his death
Dr. Alex and his brother Llyr, who was just 19 when he died

Dr. Alex started things by posting a picture of the tablet he takes every day because of his anxiety, writing:

“A great many people live with drug stigma every day. I’m afraid that just taking pills to help with mental health may be considered weak or discriminated against.

“I’m taking medication with treatment and self-care to relieve anxiety. I really needed this remedy, but I haven’t been able to use it for years. In retrospect, I was worried about what people think. “

Thousands- Including 2 British Bake Off Stars – Then I joined and shared an image of my medicine.

Dr. Alex George touches on the message of Christmas day after the death of his brother

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