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Dover faces three threats that could spark a new migration crisis – ‘We can’t handle’ UK | News

Dover MP Natalie Elfiecke has warned border guards are being overwhelmed after more than 35,000 people crossed the Channel to Britain in small boats this year. Elfficke is also concerned that plans for a new EU immigration system could cause significant delays for passengers using ports. She is concerned that the new arrangement could lead to “extremely long check-in times” and could “take up to 10 minutes for each vehicle to be cleared.”

A third concern is that trucks carrying ‘dangerous and defective’ cargo are entering the UK from the EU. Conservative lawmakers say they have “grave concerns” over the government’s abandonment of plans to build a new border facility this year.

Warning about the impact of the small boat crisis on communities, she said: We cannot handle the number of illegal immigrants. ”

Ms. Elfikke wants to support a “joint patrol of the coast with France” and consider creating a “joint safety zone across the Channel”. The priority is to “stop boats entering the water in the first place”.

she said: This is an unconfirmed criminal activity that has had a huge impact on the area. ”

Elphicke plans to voice his concerns at a forum held Tuesday.

MP fears that “in some ways Dover faces the worst of all worlds”.

Food safety is a big concern for Mr Elfiecke, who claims there are examples of ‘undefined’ meat being allowed to arrive in the UK from the EU.

“It could be horse meat,” she said. “It can be anything.”

Her concerns about the impact of new border checks on delays at the port were echoed last week by Doug Bannister, the port’s chief executive officer.

He told the MP that with only seven months left before the new biometric checks are put in place, the port is yet to know what procedures will be put in place.

“We need the rules of the game,” he told the transport commission. “We have to see what the technology will look like.”

A government spokeswoman said:

“Immigrants who enter the UK illegally through safe countries will not be allowed to start a new life here, despite smugglers lying to them.

“But ultimately no one should risk their lives by making dangerous and illegal trips to the UK. We will use every tool at our disposal to deter illegal immigration and smugglers. Disrupting the business model of the UK, we will more quickly tackle those who abuse the system to migrate to Rwanda who have no right to stay in the UK.”

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