Don’t let the energy giant hide your cash in the bank

A few years ago on Christmas, I received a pretty ugly gift. It was a large, brown, fluffy electric throw, lacking even hints of Christmas brilliance and elegance. But this year I’ve saved hundreds of pounds more than ever, so it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

The cost of heating our homes is skyrocketing – and millions of households are facing harsh winters. But when the energy savings of 1kWh helped, I thought it was worth mentioning my throw. When you start to feel the cold, you often resist the temptation to do central heating, which helps keep your bill down. Instead, I dress myself in my electric throw.

Turning on central heating for a few hours each day can easily cost more than £ 3. By comparison, performing a throw costs about a cent. It costs about £ 50 upfront, but it still saves a lot of money during the winter. That doesn’t mean we never have heating at home.

Throw really does the trick only when I tend to sit down because it needs to be connected to the main. Embarrassingly, when I’m at home, I usually do exactly that – sitting and reading, watching TV, and working. When I’m at home alone, it’s also just a good substitute for central heating.

I’m also a fan of electric blankets, but I don’t think it’s an electric blanket patch because it keeps me warm only when I’m trapped in bed. I also bought sheepskin rugs when I was on vacation on the beautiful Isle of Arran earlier this month. Let’s say it’s easy to feel the cold.

So with slows, rugs, and occasionally hot water bottles, you’re ready for a low-cost, toasty, sedentary winter.

Rachel Likert Strauss

Don’t let the energy giant hide your cash in the bank

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