Dom Bess feels he’s in a “good place” and ready to play test cricket without pressure

England bowler Dom Beth I’m excited to have another chance to play against India, but insist that I won’t put pressure on myself in the next test series.

Yorkshire Spinner was included in a team of 17 in the first two games of a five-test series with a team that defeated Joe Root’s men 3-1 earlier this year in the subcontinent earlier this month. ..

Beth played twice in India and endured various results. While not participating in the second and third tests, I struggled with other innings over a long distance of 5 wickets.

The 24-year-old, who replaced Taunton with a headingley this season, believes he’s ready if he has a lot of overs on his legs and can nod with his first-choice spinner. Jack ruetsch For the next two months.

After attending a community cricket session at the Haydn Road Community Cricket Club on Tuesday, Beth said, “This is probably the first time I’ve played a lot of cricket and found a process.”

“I contributed to the field of bats, balls, and Yorkshire, but didn’t put pressure on myself. I just wanted to enjoy cricket again.

“And I think I’ve now found a balance that has been re-elected to England. It’s an exciting time, but there’s no pressure to put myself down.

“I just want to enjoy this series because I know how much I worked and what I did this summer. If I get a call and hopefully I’m ready, but if it doesn’t work, I’m the best I’m in position and working with a really good coach who knows me very well, so that’s okay. Grafting. “

An average of 33.08 23 wickets in a 10 County Championship match is not a headline stat, but be aware of the conditions for a spinner early in the season.

After predominantly playing Reach’s second fiddle on an English mission and Somerset, Offspinner enjoyed many new experiences that helped him grow in Headingley.

Beth added: “At the end of winter, I did a lot of work on myself and cricket on how to handle things. I think I’m in a really good space right now. Perhaps while I’ve lived for a long time. It’s one of the best spaces in the world.

“It’s exciting to know that I’m in a good place and the series is coming. The five test matches are a long time and they face the very good side of India facing the winter. It’s exciting to crack again in. “

I know how much I worked and what I did this summer, so I just want to enjoy this series. If you get a call and things go well, you’re ready to go.

Dom Beth

With more international matches imminent, there is a bubble to deal with as Covid-19’s continued presence and admitting touring India shortly after two tests in Sri Lanka struggled. It means to increase.

On the lawn at home, the conditions are slightly relaxed compared to winter and last summer when cricket took the first tentative steps to get back into action after the pandemic paused the sport.

“I can understand why people burn out and get mentally tired and how it affects the actual game. That’s what I had to try and deal with during India. It was, “beth admitted.

“We learned how to deal with it and crossed our fingers on the way out of the strict bubble perspective, but we need to find some strategies.”

Bess said LV = Insurance this summer England and Wales Cricket Commission, Jointly promised £ 1m to support grassroots cricket after a pandemic.

The conversation between the pairs will inevitably be directed to the ashes with the 2005 series champion Captain Vaughn later this winter, who recently said that if tourists can’t take their families, it’s going to be a farce. ..

However, Beth argued that: I will never refuse it.

“I think it’s very difficult to leave family and supporters at home, but it’s the ash series you’re dreaming of, away from home, where you’re aiming to play against Australians in Australia and win there. I don’t think anyone can turn it down, certainly anyone who dreams of doing it.

“It’s the pinnacle, so I get goosebumps. I just watch ’05 Ashes, stay at school, wake up all night and Cooky sees the 10-11 series. [Sir Alastair Cook] 100 points out of 100.

“But I don’t want to go too far. We have five tests against India and we know how far away they are at home. Now that this big series is coming out It wouldn’t be best to think about ashes. “

Dom Bess feels he’s in a “good place” and ready to play test cricket without pressure

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