Dolphins sign Labitos’ favorite Nicoles

Dolphins sign Labitos’ favorite Nicoles

Wayne Bennett, the first Dolphins coach, persuaded Mark Nichols to follow him from the south. Sydney To Red Cliff in 2023.

Days after signing Melbourne Veteran Jesse Bromwich, the dolphin, has further strengthened the front row by securing Nicoles’ service for two seasons.

The 32-year-old prop enjoyed a breakout campaign under Bennett in 2021. When Rabitos reached the Grand Final, he gained the status of a cult hero.

He was rewarded with a new two-year contract in Redfern in October, but the club agreed to release him at the end of 2022 so he could participate in the dolphin virgin campaign.

“Mark is a diligent, nonsense type of forward that fits directly into the Dolphins team,” said CEO Terry Leader.

“He has had a lot of experience in big matches against Rabitos over the last few years, including three consecutive qualifying rounds and playing in the latest NRL Grand Final.

“He not only adds depth and experience to the team, but also sets an example for young players in the value of hard work and tenacity at the NRL.”

After limited opportunities in Canberra and Melbourne, Nicoles played 82 games in the Souths in four seasons.

“Thanks to Mark for coming to us early on in this request. You can plan for the future. He has joined the club for the 2018 season and has been South throughout 2022. I know I’ll devote all of him every time I play in Sydney,’said Rabbitohs CEO Blake Solly.

“This new deal is a great opportunity for Mark, his wife Perry, and his family to prepare for a life after football, and we feel it’s right to get in the way of him. did not.

“Mark has provided and will continue to provide great service to this club. We look forward to supporting Mark and his team with their members throughout the 2022 season.”

The Dolphins team, along with Nicoles, has begun joining Storm Forward’s Bromwitch and Ferries Kaufushi, Parramatta’s Raystone, and Brisbane’s Jamain Isaco at the expansion club.


Dolphins sign Labitos’ favorite Nicoles

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