DOI’s Ben Foden is “not proud” to deceive Una Healy, but she and his wife are friends

Ben Foden Opened up a way to flirt with his ex-wife Una Healy He was “not proud” and “wrong” before the next stint Dancing on ice..

36-year-old split from Una in 2018, 40, after he was reported to have deceived the former Saturday singer.

Ben, a rugby player who married his second wife, Jackie Belanov Smith, after two weeks of dating in August 2019, said: Daily mailIn a weekend magazine, he “made a mistake I wasn’t proud of.”

The publication also says Ben said he was a “total mess” for some time.

Ben Foden frankly said that deceiving his ex-wife Una Healy was a “mistake” and he was “not proud”.

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However, the three fathers, who share two children with Una and one with Jackie, claim that his wife and ex are now friends.

He states: “Jackie and Una are doing well, so it’s working. It takes time like any other relationship, but they chat online.

“Una lets her kids stay in New York for a month. I’m very proud of Una and I’m here and want the best for her. She Is a wonderful mother. “

Una and Ben separated in 2018 after Ben was dishonest

Ben married Jackie Belanov-Smith after two weeks of dating

Una also spoke about the divorce, looking back on the divorce in September and saying that she was “in hell.”

Talk to splendid, She said: “When you are in hell, you can’t go around it, you have to go through it. That’s the only way.

“For the kids, I had to stay strong. Obviously, they saw me upset and there was a moment when I started crying, but both appeared. Give me a hug or write a small note saying “I love you” and I knew I had to pull myself out of it.

Una previously talked about the “hell” of divorce

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“Everything is for them. They are the most important thing in my life and I need to guide them now.”

She continued: “Divorce is an old one that is difficult to experience.

“Don’t walk down the aisle hoping this will happen. Hope it lasts forever and don’t marry other intentions.

“And when it doesn’t work, it’s catastrophic. It’s completely catastrophic.

“That was hard, but when he remarried last summer, it was a big shock to me. I was like,” Wow, what’s this? “

“It was something else I had to move my head to, but life goes on, right?”

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DOI's Ben Foden is "not proud" to deceive Una Healy, but she and his wife are friends

Source link DOI's Ben Foden is "not proud" to deceive Una Healy, but she and his wife are friends

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