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Dog owners face well as farmers lament rogue pets that hurt sheep | UK | News

Sheep farmor Jane Bassett of Hartington in the Peak District said the number of attacks on animals by her and other farmers has increased in recent months.Ms. Bassett called for a review of the Countryside Code to impose stricter regulations dog Owners whose pets are damaging livestock are demanding the immediate introduction of mandatory chains.Talk to GB newsShepherd Alastair Stewart said:

“In fact, the number of incidents is increasing. It is not only the damage to the sheep that the dog can do to the sheep by chasing the sheep, but also the stress it causes to the sheep.”

She continued. “It’s not easy to find the people who are actually causing the damage, the owners of the dogs that are causing the damage.

“The fines are increasing, but at the same time they should be stronger.

“At the same time, it would be helpful if there were many clearer rules.”

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Ms. Bassett argued that the current countryside code includes “vague regulations” on whether dog owners should keep their dogs laced near livestock.

She argued that making the rules clearer and stricter would help limit the number of attacks and prevent livestock from being harmed.

She added: “You said you keep leading your dog around livestock, and many people do it, it’s responsible ownership.

“But the law isn’t clear, but it needs to be clarified as well as being strengthened by fines.

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“But in reality, all dogs have the instinct to chase animals, even if they are usually obedient and usually well-behaved.

“It would be much better if it really became a law that they had to lead it.”

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has warned that sheep’s worries, a dog jargon for chasing sheep in the field, can cause “serious damage” to animals.

The NSA warned on their website: “Sheep fleeing dogs are often killed or seriously injured by their panicked escape attempts, causing immense damage to fences and field boundaries in the process. ..

“Dog chasing ewes and lambs can cause the misleading problem of lambs dying from starvation and hypothermia when they are no longer able to find their mother away from their mother. I have.”

Dog owners face well as farmers lament rogue pets that hurt sheep | UK | News

SourceDog owners face well as farmers lament rogue pets that hurt sheep | UK | News

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