Does Harry Styles participate in the Marvel Universe?

After sweeping the world in his solo music career, Harry Styles expanded into a variety of ventures such as acting and cosmetology.

He recently hit a big screen with one of the following MarvelAddition, Eternals..


Harry Styles is a popular musician and up-and-coming actorCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Does Harry Styles participate in the Marvel Universe?

On November 5, 2021, Eternals was released in theaters nationwide.

The outline of the plot is as follows.

“Eternals, a race of superhuman and immortal beings who have lived secretly on Earth for thousands of years, reunites to fight evil deviants.”

Among the all-star casts is one up-and-coming actor known for “treating people kindly”-former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles..

He doesn’t appear in the movie itself, but Harry’s character appears in one of the post-credit scenes that follow the movie.

A few weeks after the movie was released, Marvel confirmed the news of Harry’s new role in space on an official poster.

On Thursday, November 18, 2021, Marvel Studios used a social media account with a poster.

Along with a picture of the character Harry, they wrote:

“Meet the Prince of Titan, the Brothers of Thanos, Jack of Hearts, the loser of Black Roger, the great adventurer, Starfox … Check out Eros’ new character poster and only at #Eternals at Marvel Studios @ See Harry_Styles. Now the theater! “

Who is Harry’s character, Eros?

According to Marvel Comics, Eros is the youngest son of two Eternals: Alas and Suisan.

He is also the brother of Thanos, the famous Deviants supervillain.

Eros joined The Avengers and was codenamed Star Fox.

The character of Eros is described as a feminization and adventurer seeking new experiences and places.

As eternity, Eros has supernatural powers to help him in his quest for truth. He can physically control the emotions of others.

Eternal is a fictitious extraterrestrial race of humanoids, largely isolated from humankind.

They are divine figures and were created to protect the planet Earth with superhuman abilities and strengths.

In the new Eternals movie, many incredibly famous actors portray various superheroes.

Angelina Jolie is considered Tena, an elite eternal warrior who can form weapons from cosmic energy.

Ajak, the spiritual leader of Eternals, Salma Hayek, And in their community it is considered a “mother’s figure”.

More celebrities featured in the movie are: Gemma Chan As Sersi, Kit Harington Don Lee as Dane Whitman and as Gilgamesh-The Strongest Eternals.

The movie sequel isn’t a green light so far, but the post-credit scene definitely suggests more coming from Eternals.

Harry Styles is working on several films to be released in the coming years


Harry Styles is working on several films to be released in the coming yearsCredits: Getty Images-Getty

What else does Harry Styles appear in?

Harry Styles became famous shortly after appearing at the British Reality Talent Competition Show. X factor..

He immediately joined the boy band One direction, This soon became one of the most popular boy bands in history.

After being solo in 2017, Harry Styles began appearing as an actor in various films.

His first big movie role was Dunkirk, released in July 2017.

He starred in Christopher Nolan’s World War II films as Alex, co-starring with Tom Hardy and Fionn Whitehead.

Harry is also set to appear in the coming Olivia Wilde Don’t worry about the movie, Darling. The synopsis of the movie states:

“A housewife in the 1950s who lives with her husband in a utopian experimental community began to worry that his fascinating company might be hiding a disturbing secret.”

Harry Styles, due out in 2022, began dating Olivia Wilde after the two spent a long time together on a movie set.

His IMDb profile also acknowledges his achievements as Tom Burgess of the next My Policeman currently in post production.

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Does Harry Styles participate in the Marvel Universe?

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