Does Amy Schumer have a filler?

Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian and actress known for her award-winning films in the film industry.

Schumer She brought to the internet that she had performed several surgeries to reverse the procedure that looked like “Maleficent”.


Schumer got the filler, but found that he didn’t like the look of her faceCredits: Getty-Contributor

Does Amy Schumer have a filler?

Amy Schumer posted a selfie on Instagram on December 27, 2021. She had a numbing cream on each cheek and was in the clinic.

Schumer got the filler, but didn’t like how his face looked, so the effect was reversed.

She captioned the photo. I was already full. Thank God You can melt them I looked like #malificentthanks @ drjlodnp “

How does the internet react to Amy Schumer’s fillers?

Amy Schumer fans weren’t happy to know that the star had won the filler.

Amy Schumer fans weren't happy to know that the star had won the filler


Amy Schumer fans weren’t happy to know that the star had won the fillerCredit: Instagram

Here are some of the comments she received on social media:

“You are so beautiful! No filler needed”

“Please tell me the latest information. I tried filler shit, but it seems that my face has abdominal muscles! Consider breaking up!”

“Filler ?? Amy No! You have the best skin! Stop madness 😘😘😘”

What did Amy Schumer’s doctor say?

Amy Schumer’s doctor, Jody Rogergo, posted the same selfie of her patient on her own personal Instagram.

She capped it: “Using skin fillers is a great way to replace lost volume and strengthen the face, but the placement of fillers is very important!

“@Amyschumer came to me after putting the filler elsewhere, and we decided that the place where the filler was put was not ideal, so we melted it! 💉

“Dissolving the filler is a very simple and quick process. I injected hyaluronidase (an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid) and dissolved it!”

Did Amy Schumer have any other surgery?

In one of Schumer’s comments on her photo, she said she had liposuction this year.

She writes:

“I had liposuction and had a great experience doing it. I really [judgmental] About people getting the job done.

“Now I do everything I can to love myself, but when I turn 40 and enter the AC section, I can do anything that makes me feel great with f ** k!”

In September 2021, she Endometriosis I needed to get rid of her uterus and appendix.

Amy Schumer loses uterus and appendix due to endometriosis

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Does Amy Schumer have a filler?

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