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Do you want to make India the subcontinent of the world, says Anurag Takur

New Delhi [India]March 29 (ANI). Noting that Indian films have an impact on foreign countries, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Takur said on Monday that his goal is to make India “the world’s content continent”.

He said it could create millions of jobs in India.

His remarks were made at the Dubai Expo 2020 in India, where he spoke with Bollywood actor Ranver Singh on “The Global Access to the Indian Media’s Entertainment Industry.”

On the third day of his visit to Dubai, Takur said that the Dubai Indians are the real ambassadors of the Indian brand. The Indian pavilion gathered a huge crowd of 1.7 million visitors. The Minister added that India is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence, “the celebrations take place not only in India but also abroad.”

Accepting the contribution of films to the projection of India’s soft power, the minister said that India is a country of stories, և the film industry has had a great impact on foreigners who praise India for its films.

The official statement said that the minister praised Ranver Singh’s play in the films.

Ranveer Singh said that Indian content is on the verge of making its presence felt on the world stage.

“Indian entertainment will explode all over the world. “Our stories resonate with people, cross cultural boundaries, and foreign Indians connect with India through films,” he said.

Before the lively discussion, the Minister toured the Indian pavilion of Dubai Expo 2020 with Ranver Singh.

During the day, the Minister discussed with the Executive Director of the Dubai Tourism Marketing Corporation Issam Kazim the various strategies adopted by Dubai in the field of tourism to make it a preferred destination for tourism in the world.

During the meeting, the Minister praised Dubai for organizing the exhibition, which was a great success despite the epidemic.

Emphasizing the importance of Dubai on the world tourism map, the Minister noted that during the epidemic, Indians preferred to fly over Dubai’s western capitals, such as London.

Kazim noted that Dubai’s success was made possible by its decisive leadership with a focused target. He spoke about the strategy of the Dubai government during COVID, when the city was closed in March 2020. The authorities adopted a completely new strategy և provided restrictions և protocols. Vaccinations և PCR tests became mandatory for travelers և Dubai was the first city to be opened to tourists.

Kazim mentioned that Dubai aims to receive 25 million tourists by 2025, to become the most visited city in the world.

He also mentioned that Dubai is also studying the territory of cryptocurrency, that it is still risky and unregulated.

Kazim stressed that India has a great potential in the field of tourism. India can use the unique aspects of major cities / states և focus on their strengths. India’s IT talent is benefiting the global industry, which can be pushed as a strength.

Anurag Takur invited Kazim to India to discuss opportunities for further cooperation in the fields of tourism, media and entertainment. (ANI)

Do you want to make India the subcontinent of the world, says Anurag Takur

SourceDo you want to make India the subcontinent of the world, says Anurag Takur

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